Nature’s Miracle Acquires Agrify Corporation

In a landmark move for the Controlled Environment Agriculture sector, Nature’s Miracle Holding Inc. announces its acquisition of Agrify Corporation, combining their advanced vertical farming and extraction technologies to drive innovation and market expansion.

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Nature’s Miracle Acquires Agrify Corporation

On April 17, 2024, Nature’s Miracle Holding Inc., a pioneer in vertical farming technology, successfully completed its acquisition of Agrify Corporation, a provider of advanced cultivation and extraction solutions. This strategic move unites the two companies, establishing them as a leading force in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

The merger brings together Agrify’s top-tier cultivation and extraction technologies with immediate financial and operational benefits, setting the stage for significant growth within the industry.

Enhanced Revenue Streams through SaaS and AI Integration

By taking over all outstanding shares of Agrify Corporation, Nature’s Miracle is positioned to significantly broaden its revenue streams. Integrating Agrify’s sophisticated Software as a Service (SaaS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their vertical farming systems will not only enhance operations but also extend Nature’s Miracle’s reach into the lucrative market of cannabis extraction, further boosting its revenue potential.

Merger Agreement Details

According to the merger terms, Nature’s Miracle has issued shares of its own stock to acquire Agrify. Agrify’s shareholders will receive approximately 0.45 shares of Nature’s Miracle stock for every share they hold in Agrify. This exchange benefits both parties by consolidating their market presence and setting a foundation for future technological innovations and growth within the CEA landscape.

Leadership and Organizational Growth

With the merger complete, Raymond Chang, previously CEO and Chairman of Agrify Corporation, will lead the new Agrify division as President within Nature’s Miracle Holding Inc. and will also serve on its board. This arrangement fosters an environment ripe for sharing expertise and collaborating on future projects, enhancing both companies’ capabilities.

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Initial Synergies and Commitments

Before finalizing the merger, Nature’s Miracle had already begun to capitalize on joint synergies by purchasing horticultural LED lighting equipment from Agrify. This early collaboration underscores their commitment to maximizing productivity in controlled-environment agriculture by leveraging combined technologies and resources.

Executive Perspectives on the Merger

James Li, CEO of Nature’s Miracle, expressed his optimism about the acquisition, highlighting the strategic benefits of merging with Agrify, particularly in enhancing revenue through cannabis extraction and achieving operational efficiencies with their combined advanced technologies in lighting, SaaS, and vertical farming units.

Concurrently, Raymond Chang of Agrify acknowledged the merger as a strategic consolidation opportunity within the indoor growing sector, envisioning it as a catalyst for shared growth and innovation. He emphasized the merger’s potential to advance development and offer sophisticated solutions to cultivators and farmers, ultimately fostering advancement in both cultivation technology and financial aspects of the agriculture industry.

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