New Mexico’s First: Vana Secures Groundbreaking Financial Support from LEDA Fund 

Vana plans to significantly expand its workforce with 12 new hires at an average salary of $46,626 and invest $2.6 million over the next decade, leveraging the LEDA grant to enhance its operations and growth.

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In a game-changing move for the state’s cannabis industry, the family-owned company Vana has been granted financial support through New Mexico’s Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) fund. This marks the first time that a cannabis business has received assistance from this specific fund, which was established to stimulate job creation within the state. Awarded to Vana—the first enterprise to hold a cannabis manufacturing license in New Mexico—this investment highlights the government’s increasing commitment to supporting the growth and development of the local marijuana sector.

How Will Vana Use the Funds?

Placing immense value on this partnership, Vana plans to utilize the LEDA grant to expand their workforce substantially. The Clovis-based firm aims to employ 12 additional staff members, offering an average salary of $46,626. Furthermore, Vana intends to invest a whopping $2.6 million over the next decade to foster continued success and evolution in their operations.

Vana’s founder and CEO, Parin Kumar, emphasizes the importance of this support: “The grant is a significant commitment for our company, and state assistance is crucial for building partnerships and achieving long-term success as we expand our workforce.”

A Comprehensive Range of Services under One Roof

Vana’s extensive portfolio includes various operational licenses applicable to different segments of the growing cannabis market. These licenses cover indoor and outdoor farms, manufacturing facilities, and two retail locations catering to medical and recreational consumers. Given the ever-increasing demand for cannabis products and services, such versatile production capabilities offer valuable competitive advantages – and now, support from the New Mexico government further strengthens Vana’s position in the industry.

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Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Continue to Soar in NM

Data from the New Mexico Regulation & Licensing Department reveals strong interest among consumers, with adult-use cannabis sales reaching an impressive $11.8 million in January alone. As these numbers surge, investments like the LEDA grant help ensure local businesses flourish and capitalize on the growing demand within this rapidly evolving market.

A Pivotal Step Toward a Burgeoning Cannabis Economy

The backing of the New Mexico government boosts Vana’s endeavors immensely and sets a progressive precedent for other cannabis ventures seeking similar support. While it’s still early days for adult-use marijuana sales in New Mexico, the large-scale economic investment represented by the LEDA grant highlights how seriously the state is taking the potential of this thriving new sector.

This landmark partnership between the government and a licensed cannabis manufacturer demonstrates recognition of the vast socioeconomic benefits offered by a flourishing cannabis economy. Encouraging job creation, boosting tax revenue, and fostering industrial diversification are just a few examples of how this exciting alliance could continue transforming New Mexico’s local economic landscape.

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Rita Ferreira

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