NISOR S.R.L. Cultivates Innovation: AROMITO’s Registration Sows Seeds of Progress in Hemp Phytogenetics

NISOR S.R.L. successfully navigated rigorous regulatory scrutiny and secured registration for its innovative hemp variety, AROMITO, from the NATIONAL SEED INSTITUTE, reflecting a notable advancement in phytogenetic innovation and a commitment to adhering to stringent national and international plant variety protection norms.

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NISOR S.R.L. has successfully registered its hemp variety AROMITO

In a ground-breaking development, NISOR S.R.L. has successfully registered its innovative hemp variety, AROMITO, in the National Register of Plant Varieties. This bold move underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to research and development within the phytogenetics domain.

The Rigorous Scrutiny Process of Registration

To comply with stringent regulations set forth by the Seed and Phytogenetic Creations Law No. 20,247, the International Convention for the Protection of Plant Varieties, and Decree No. 2,183/91, NISOR S.R.L. had to ensure that its new hemp strain met all requirements. The Variety Registration Department of the NATIONAL SEED INSTITUTE thoroughly evaluated the application, which confirmed that it fulfilled all stipulated criteria.

  • Seed and Phytogenetic Creations Law No. 20,247: This national legislation governs the registration requirements for phytogenetic creations to protect intellectual property rights and foster innovation in plant breeding.
  • International Convention for the Protection of Plant Varieties: This international treaty is designed to promote the protection of plant breeders’ rights and encourage the cultivation of newly developed plant varieties across multiple countries.
  • Decree No. 2,183/91: This decree complements the aforementioned law and convention by regulating the proceedings and application process for obtaining registration of plant varieties.

AROMITO: Redefining Hemp Phytogenetics

The introduction of AROMITO, a novel hemp variety, by NISOR S.R.L. showcases the company’s determination to advance innovation within the rapidly growing phytogenetic industry. As a result of their remarkable endeavor, NISOR S.R.L. received recognition from the president of the board of directors of NATIONAL SEED INSTITUTE, who subsequently issued a resolution ordering the registration of AROMITO in the National Register of Plant Varieties.

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Benefits of Registering New Plant Varieties for Companies and Society

By securing a spot in the National Register of Plant Varieties, NISOR S.R.L. demonstrates its technical expertise and contribution towards enriching the knowledge pool in phytogenetics. Obtaining such approval can significantly benefit companies like NISOR S.R.L. on multiple fronts:

  • Intellectual Property Rights Protection: Registration grants breeders exclusive rights over their creations, preventing unauthorized production, sale, or distribution of the protected variety.
  • Increased Market Opportunities: With a recognized variety, businesses have better chances to expeditiously forge partnerships and expand their market share globally.
  • Enhanced Research & Development: Fostering a supportive environment for protecting breeders’ interests encourages further innovation and investment in developing new plant varieties that may help address various societal challenges, like food security and environmental sustainability.

A Bright Future for NISOR S.R.L. in the World of Phytogenetics

In successfully registering AROMITO, NISOR S.R.L. has not only earned well-deserved acknowledgment for its pioneering work but also positioned itself as a leader in the realm of hemp phytogenetics. This accomplishment marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the company to continue creating cutting-edge plant varieties that could reshape the phytogenetic landscape and benefit society.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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