Numinus Wellness Debuts Pioneering At-The-Market Equity Offering to Fuel Future Growth and Innovation

Numinus Wellness Inc. has launched an innovative at-the-market (ATM) equity offering program, allowing the issuance and sale of up to C$10,000,000 in common shares through the Toronto Stock Exchange to enhance its financial capabilities and support strategic objectives.

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Numinus Wellness Inc., a leading healthcare company, has initiated an at-the-market (ATM) equity offering program. This innovative offering will enable the issuance and sale of up to C$10,000,000 in the Company’s common shares, providing flexibility for raising capital as needed. With all Common Shares being sold through the Toronto Stock Exchange, the program aims to further the Company’s strategic objectives by increasing its financial muscle.

The Role of Stifel Nicolaus Canada Inc.

In partnership with Stifel Nicolaus Canada Inc., distributions under the ATM program will follow the terms outlined in a Distribution Agreement dated September 25, 2023. The volume and timing of these distributions are solely at the discretion of Numinus Wellness. As noted in a prospectus supplement accompanying this announcement, the net proceeds from the program will be primarily directed towards general corporate purposes, repayment of outstanding debt, discretionary capital programs, and potential future acquisitions. To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, sales of Common Shares through the program will be conducted at prevailing market prices at the time of sale.

Forward-Looking Statements and Risks

In line with standard practice, it is essential to note that forward-looking statements regarding the ATM program are subject to risks and uncertainties. These could cause results to differ significantly from those in said statements. For example:

  • Market fluctuations may influence the prevailing market prices of Common Shares at the time of sale
  • Regulatory requirements might limit the Company’s ability to sell shares through the program
  • Economic conditions or other unforeseen circumstances may affect the distribution volume and timing
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A Commitment to Transparency

In the interest of transparency and as a means to mitigate these risks, Numinus Wellness has committed to providing detailed information about the program in its filings. Furthermore, the company emphasizes that it is not currently obligated to make any sales of Common Shares under the ATM program.

Anticipated Benefits of the ATM Program

The introduction of Numinus Wellness’ ATM equity offering program promises to revolutionize the Company’s capital management efforts, forging the path towards growth and innovation. By leveraging the resources garnered from this program, Numinus Wellness will enjoy several key benefits:

  • Enhanced financial flexibility: Access to up to C$10,000,000 in additional capital allows for strategic deployment of funds when needed
  • Reduced debt burden: Alleviating outstanding debts strengthens the balance sheet and improves the long-term financial outlook for the company
  • Funding for future acquisitions: The potential for mergers and acquisitions creates the possibility for expansion into new markets and the development of innovative health products and services
  • Strengthened market position: A more robust financial footing will enable Numinus Wellness to pursue its mission of improving healthcare, confident in its ability to weather the industry’s challenges
  • Potential for increased shareholder value: Smart utilization of the capital raised through this program can translate into larger returns over time, benefitting all shareholders connected with the company

In conclusion, the launch of Numinus Wellness’ at-the-market equity offering program marks a significant milestone in the Company’s journey toward sustained growth and market leadership. By providing access to much-needed capital resources and greater financial flexibility to respond to changing market conditions, this innovative approach promises to elevate the company’s standing within the healthcare sector and establish a benchmark for others seeking similar breakthroughs.

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