Organigram Targets U.S. Expansion Amidst Market Challenges and THC Inflation

Organigram's emphasis on high-THC flower products positions them advantageously in the Canadian market, poised for growth as THC inflation declines and consumer preferences evolve.

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Canadian cannabis producer Organigram Holdings is exploring international investment opportunities, especially in the U.S. market, as stated by CEO Beena Goldenberg. While the company’s revenue was CA$36.5 million during the October-December quarter, it fell short of analysts’ expectations of CA$37.8 million. The unique challenge for international expansion lies in the federal illegality of cannabis in the U.S., which requires companies to structure their acquisitions compliantly. Organigram will observe how other companies achieve this and learn from them.

The cannabis industry has seen “THC inflation,” where companies have claimed higher THC levels due to a lack of enforcement. This situation has given these firms temporary advantages; however, Goldenberg believes stricter enforcement and random THC testing protocols by Health Canada and the Ontario Cannabis Store will end such practices.

Aiming for Long-term Industry Leadership

Organigram strives to establish itself as a leading player within the cannabis industry through its strong balance sheet, production efficiency, extensive research and development, and international expansion efforts sustained by project Jupiter. Their dried flower sales, with over 25% THC, account for more than three-quarters of all flower sales in Canada, positioning them at the forefront of the high-THC segment of the market.

Their performance mirrors that of rival Canopy Growth Corp., which also experienced a decline in cannabis sales compared to the previous year’s quarter. Both companies faced decreases in global flower and oil sales, along with drops in medical cannabis sales, making a move toward diversification even more essential.

Revenue Breakdown for Q4 2023

For the three months ending December 31, 2023, Organigram’s revenue was distributed as follows: flower sales were CA$20.4 million (down from CA$25.4 million); infused pre-rolls reached $2.8 million (up from CA$365,000); and edibles rose to $5.1 million (a slight increase over the previous year). Adult-use cannabis revenue slightly decreased compared to the same quarter a year ago.

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Leveraging High-THC Flower Sales for Growth

Organigram’s focus on high-THC flower products has given them an edge in capturing a significant portion of the Canadian market. As the prevalence of THC inflation decreases through increased enforcement, companies like Organigram, already producing quality, high-THC products, will continue to rise. This strategy allows them to keep up with growing trends and consumer preferences while still maintaining a reliable revenue stream.

Their high-THC products provide an opportunity for other forms of expansion, such as branded lifestyle-oriented merchandise or targeted events catered to consumers interested in the market’s premium segment. Such moves would strengthen their position at home and internationally, allowing them to tap into new markets where regulations might shift, and international demand could grow substantially.

Addressing Challenges and Building Resilience

While the company faces challenges like federal illegality in the U.S., changing global regulations, and negative perceptions about cannabis, Organigram is well-positioned to navigate these difficulties thanks to its strong balance sheet and commitment to innovation. The CEO believes that by observing and learning from other companies’ experiences, they can adapt and build structures that allow compliant expansion.

Rather than be deterred by these challenges, Organigram sees them as an opportunity to innovate and remain competitive in the ever-growing international cannabis market. By focusing on high-THC flower sales, research and development, and efficient production methods, Organigram aims to maintain its position as a leader within the industry while continuing to pursue global expansion.

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Rita Ferreira

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