Can Ovation Science and Planet 13’s Partnership Redefine Nevada’s Cannabis Topical Market?

Vancouver's Ovation Science Inc. has partnered with Planet 13 Holdings, Inc., entering an exclusive licensing agreement that enables the latter, a significant Las Vegas dispensary owner, to produce, distribute, and market Ovation's innovative cannabis topical and transdermal products in Nevada, signaling a notable collaboration and potential growth in the CBD market.

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Ovation Science Inc. and Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. partner in the topical market in Nevada

Vancouver-based cannabis topical developer Ovation Science Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement with Planet 13 Holdings, Inc., the owner of the largest dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exclusive partnership grants Planet 13 the rights to manufacture, sell, and market Ovation’s topical and transdermal products within Nevada. This collaboration not only brings together two innovative names in the cannabis industry but also sets the stage for considerable advancements and developments in the growing CBD market.

Ovation’s Advanced Topicals Deliver Unmatched Results

Ovation Science prides itself on providing its customers with groundbreaking topical formulations that outperform competitor brands. According to the company, their creams release an impressive 38% more CBD than similar offerings in the market. Previous research has also demonstrated that Ovation Science’s topicals achieve ten times higher CBD release into the skin, resulting in five times greater penetration. Such unparalleled effectiveness sets them apart from competitors and makes their products desirable across various markets, including medical treatments and consumer wellness niches.

Planet 13: A Star Player in the Expanding World of Cannabis Products

Planet 13 is known for its remarkable entertainment complex near the iconic Vegas Strip, which spans over 112,000 square feet. Boasting the largest dispensary in Las Vegas, Planet 13 generates 9% of the state’s cannabis dispensary-derived income. In addition to its flagship location, the company owns other dispensaries – Medizin in Las Vegas and California’s largest cannabis dispensary. They plan to open a medical treatment center in Florida soon, demonstrating their dedication to growth and expansion.

Benefits of the Partnership for Both Companies

Terry Howlett, President of Ovation Science, endorsed Planet 13’s wholesale division for servicing other dispensaries throughout Nevada. This partnership provides an opportunity for both parties involved to benefit significantly. For Ovation, it means the widespread distribution of its CBD products while tapping into the vast market potential offered by Planet 13’s presence. Conversely, Planet 13 gains access to innovative topical formulations that provide top-notch efficiency, further solidifying its position as a leading player in the cannabis industry.

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The Growing Market for Cannabis Topicals

With this licensing agreement between Ovation Science and Planet 13, Nevada residents can expect to see more advancements in cannabis topicals. As more people discover the benefits of CBD-infused products, consumer demand soars. Some key factors contributing to the growing popularity of these products include:

  • Pain Relief: People seek alternative pain-relieving methods instead of over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs. Topical CBD creams have shown promising results in alleviating various types of discomfort, such as muscle aches and arthritis symptoms.
  • Skin Health: Conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis affect many individuals, and research suggests that CBD may help improve overall skin health when used topically.
  • Status Recognition: Due to its association with a modern, health-focused lifestyle, using CBD products carries a particular status symbol, further influencing consumer behavior patterns.

This collaboration between Ovation Science Inc. and Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. presents a significant achievement in the burgeoning world of cannabis topicals. With both companies focused on growth and continuous improvement, consumers can expect great things to emerge from this partnership. From advanced topical formulations that deliver unmatched efficacy to the vast distribution network offered by Planet 13’s wholesale division, the future looks bright for CBD enthusiasts in Nevada and beyond.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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