POSaBIT Systems Corporation Transitions to the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture

POSaBIT Systems Corporation, under CEO Ryan Hamlin, is advancing its growth in the cannabis industry by transitioning from the Canadian Securities Exchange to the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture to access a broader investor base.

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POSaBIT Systems Corporation Transitions to the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture

In a significant move within the financial landscape of the cannabis industry, POSaBIT Systems Corporation, led by CEO Ryan Hamlin, is transitioning its trading platform from the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) to the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture (TSXV). This shift represents a crucial step in the company’s growth trajectory, reflecting its readiness to engage with a wider investor community.

Enhancing Market Presence and Investor Access

The decision to move to the TSXV aligns with POSaBIT’s strategic objectives of broadening its investor base and improving trading liquidity. Listing on the TSXV opens the door to potential inclusion in influential indexes and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), elevating the company’s visibility and appeal in the investment community. This transition also entails the eventual delisting from the CSE, underscoring the company’s commitment to this new chapter in its market journey.

Capitalizing on Financial Strategies and Partnerships

To support its growth and expansion goals, POSaBIT is bolstering its financial position. In November 2020, the company issued $1.04 million in unsecured convertible notes, a move confirmed by its marketing director. This issuance forms part of a broader financing strategy to underpin its ambitious expansion plans.

Adding to its financial arsenal, POSaBIT has engaged in a strategic partnership with Perga Capital Partners. This collaboration saw Perga Capital acquiring approximately 2.86 million POSaBIT units for CA$800,000. This transaction is not just a monetary exchange but a strategic alignment with partners who share a vision for POSaBIT’s future.

Strategic Share and Warrant Management

As part of this financial maneuvering, approximately 3.1 million shares and 2.7 million warrants are set to be issued by POSaBIT. In a counterbalancing move, the company plans to cancel 3.85 million warrants previously issued to Perga Capital. This cancellation is a strategic decision aimed at minimizing share dilution for current shareholders, thereby preserving shareholder value. This is a reflection of POSaBIT’s commitment to maintaining a strong equity position for its existing investors.

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Under the terms of the 2020 notes, it was initially anticipated that around 6.3 million common shares would be issued. However, the current strategy reflects a more balanced approach to share distribution, aligning with the company’s long-term financial health and market stability.

Looking Ahead: POSaBIT’s Market Trajectory

With these strategic moves, POSaBIT is setting itself up for a future where its shares are not only traded on the TSXV but also on U.S. over-the-counter markets. This expansion into different trading platforms is a testament to the company’s robust growth strategy, aiming to tap into a more extensive investor base. Such a move is indicative of POSaBIT’s aspiration to be a leading player in the cannabis industry’s financial and technological sectors.

POSaBIT’s transition to the TSXV, coupled with its strategic financing and partnership decisions, marks a pivotal moment in the company’s history. This shift not only opens up new avenues for growth and investment but also signifies the company’s evolving role and influence in the cannabis industry’s economic landscape.

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