Safari Flower Shifts To International Medical Cannabis Amid Financial Challenges

Ontario-based company Safari Flower, which specializes in producing white-label products for marijuana retail brands, has made strides both domestically and internationally despite facing liability issues.

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Safari Flower Shifts To International Medical Cannabis Amid Financial Challenges

In recent years, Safari Flower has shifted its focus towards international medical cannabis shipments. This strategic move is due to the potential higher profit margins than Canada’s average prices, where margins can range from two to three times higher. By targeting foreign markets, Safari Flower aims to capitalize on emerging markets that demand top-quality medicinal marijuana, resulting in increased global revenue.

Financial Struggles Amidst Cannabis Price Compression

Unfortunately, Safari Flower has faced financial hurdles in maintaining its success. As of December 31, 2023, the company reported liabilities amounting to CAD 55.2 million. These difficulties are primarily attributed to ongoing cannabis price compression in Canada, making it increasingly challenging for companies like Safari Flower to compete and thrive. Other factors contributing to Safari Flower’s financial struggles include regulatory restrictions and an ever-evolving market landscape.

To salvage its financial situation, Safari Flower explored the possibility of arranging a sale process outside the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA), hoping to maximize its value. Nonetheless, the only bid received was lower than the total secured debt owed to lenders, causing them to decline the offer.

Debt Negotiations Between Creditors

Safari Flower’s two secured creditors, Blacksail and Gray Jay, have been discussing buying each other’s debts in the company. Currently, Blacksail intends to acquire the secured debt owned by Gray Jay. As negotiations between lenders are still underway, it remains to be seen how this deal would ultimately affect Safari Flower and its ongoing fiscal challenges.

Future Prospects: Harnessing Opportunities in International Markets

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish worldwide, there is enormous potential for growth and profitability, particularly through expanding international medical cannabis shipments. Such moves can result in lucrative profit margins that eclipse those found within Canadian markets.

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Ultimately, while financial concerns persist, the resilience of executives can be key to navigating challenges and forging ahead into prosperous international markets. 

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Rita Ferreira

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