SOMAÍ Triumphs with EU GMP Certification and €5 Million Funding for International Proliferation

SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals, a pivotal European cannabis pharmaceutical manufacturer, secures EU GMP certification and €5 million in funding, paving the way for global expansion and enhanced production of next-generation medicinal cannabis products.

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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals
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SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals Unipessoal LDA, one of the leading European manufacturers of cannabis pharmaceutical products, has achieved a significant milestone by receiving authorization from the Portuguese Health Authority INFARMED for its Lisbon-based facility. This critical development enables the company to manufacture, import, and export medicinal cannabis products to various global markets, bringing SOMAÍ one step closer to generating revenue.

GMP Part I and II Certificate Received

The INFARMED’s authorization also grants SOMAÍ GMP Part I and II certificates. This certificate allows the company to execute its plan to establish distribution partners in eight countries, including Australia and Germany. With these certifications, SOMAÍ aims to develop a comprehensive brand of medicinal cannabis products while maintaining high-quality standards throughout its operations.

Next-Generation Products and Expansion Plans

As a dedicated European pharmaceutical and biotechnology company specializing in manufacturing cannabinoid-containing products with GMP certification, SOMAÍ continues to stay ahead of the curve in product innovation. Since early 2021, the company’s offerings have been consistently improving in terms of stability, and they are now working on developing a complete set of next-generation products that cater to future patient needs.

A Focus on Commercialization and Growth

Anton Nakhodkin, board member and managing director of SOMAÍ, recently stated that their primary focus is shifting from mere product development to full commercialization and growth. The company intends to serve all significant current markets and be prepared to enter new, smaller markets as they open up for medicinal cannabis. Nakhodkin revealed that management has already achieved and surpassed several goals, which has led to unlocking an additional €5 million of funding from investors.

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Investment in Sales Force and Distribution Network

The newly secured investment will be utilized to build a robust international sales force and distribution network, strengthening SOMAÍ’s presence in existing markets while also making strides in untapped territories. This expansion is expected to significantly contribute to the company’s revenue generation and further boost its credibility as a key player in the rapidly growing market for finished pharmaceutical forms of medicinal cannabis products.

Potential Opportunities in Untapped Markets

SOMAÍ believes that the market for finished pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products holds enormous potential, and the company boasts one of the largest product portfolios in the industry. By investing in future developments and continually refining its offerings, the company aims to capitalize on global demand from established markets and generate interest from new markets looking to adopt medicinal cannabis products for various applications.

Manufacturing Success Based in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal, serves as the central base for SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals LTD’s operations due to its prime location within Europe and access to essential resources needed for large-scale production and distribution of cannabinoid-containing pharmaceutical products. As an EU-certified manufacturer, SOMAÍ heavily emphasizes adhering to GMP certification standards, ensuring high-quality products are developed consistently without compromising safety or efficacy.

A Bright Future Ahead for Cannabis Pharmaceuticals

With its INFARMED authorization, EU GMP Certification, and recent €5 million investment, SOMAÍ Pharmaceuticals is now positioned to become a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing medicinal cannabis products. As the market expands and new opportunities arise, SOMAÍ remains committed to delivering innovative solutions for future patient needs while staying ahead of industry trends and anticipating demand from untapped markets.

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