Historic Triumph for Cannabis Workers: Teamsters Ink Landmark Labor Agreements

Teamsters Local 777 successfully negotiates historic collective bargaining agreements with Rise dispensaries, enhancing benefits and setting a precedent for improved workers' rights and union representation in the cannabis industry.

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Teamsters Local 777
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In a landmark moment for the cannabis industry, members of Teamsters Local 777 have ratified their first collective bargaining agreements with three Rise dispensaries, a subsidiary of multi-state operator Green Thumb Industries (GTI). These contracts not only codify various benefits but also include significant improvements for workers in the sector.

Jim Glimco, President of Teamsters Local 777, sends a message to the cannabis industry

Glimco stated that the outcome of this battle serves as a vital lesson for cannabis companies nationwide, highlighting that Teamsters do not back down when it comes to advocating for their members. He emphasized the importance of unions in ensuring fair wages, benefits, and working conditions for all employees in the cannabis sector.

Peter Finn, Teamsters Western Region International Vice President, speaks on the achievement

Finn expressed satisfaction with the agreements reached at Niles and Joliet stores and underscored the high standards upheld by Teamsters in their collective bargaining efforts. He mentioned his anticipation for building a productive relationship with GTI moving forward, aiming to bring more prosperous careers to workers within the company.

  • Historic agreement: The contracts represent a significant milestone for union representation and workers’ rights advocacy in the cannabis industry.
  • Improved benefits and workplace standards: Workers will see substantial enhancements in their benefits and overall working experience under the new agreements.
  • A foundation for future progress: This achievement paves the way for further union involvement and improvements in workers’ rights within the industry.

Rise workers celebrate their achievement and its impact on the cannabis sector

Reilly Drew, a Rise employee who served on the bargaining committee, expressed pride in negotiating this historic agreement and how it will drive positive change within the workplace for those in the cannabis industry. Tim Burns, another Rise worker on the bargaining committee, acknowledged that although the process took longer than anticipated, they persevered and successfully laid a foundation for future cannabis workers at Rise dispensaries.

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A game-changer for unions in the cannabis field

The successful negotiation of these contracts not only marks a turning point for labor relations within GTI’s Rise dispensaries but also sets a precedent for other cannabis companies to follow. As the nascent industry continues to evolve, this development serves as a potent reminder of the importance of ensuring fair treatment, respect, and dignity for cannabis workers.

Teamsters Local 777 – dedicated advocates for workers across industries in Chicago

Founded in 1937, Teamsters Local 777 represents workers in various sectors throughout the Chicago area. The union strives to ensure fair wages and job security, maintain safe working environments, and fight for practical benefits such as health care coverage and retirement plans for its members. With the ratification of these groundbreaking contracts at Rise dispensaries, the union has once again demonstrated its commitment to fighting for the rights of workers and making a difference in their lives.

Looking ahead: what this means for unions and the cannabis industry

The success achieved by Teamsters Local 777 in ratifying these historic agreements sends a powerful message to the cannabis industry and other unions looking to represent workers in this rapidly growing space. While there may be challenges ahead, this achievement should serve as a motivation both for cannabis companies to prioritize employee welfare and for other unions to fight for the rights of workers within the industry.

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Rita Ferreira

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