Could Temple University’s Cannabis Research Be the Key to Future Medical Breakthroughs?

Since its establishment in 1998, Temple University's Center for Substance Abuse Research has evolved into a pioneering force in cannabinoid research, forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Cresco Labs and spearheading innovative studies across multiple disciplines that explore cannabis's potential to treat a spectrum of health conditions including chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and food allergies.

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In the last few years, medicinal cannabis has garnered attention for its role in providing solace from persistent pain, anxiety, and assorted medical issues. A significant portion of these products emanates from detailed studies executed at academic entities such as Temple University, which has diligently probed the therapeutic capacities of cannabis elements. Presently, collaborating with prominent medicinal cannabis manufacturer Cresco Labs, Temple perpetuates the augmentation of its endeavors, probing deeper into novel therapeutic opportunities for issues like persistent pain and food intolerances.

Tracing the Roots and Progress of Cannabis Inquiry at Temple

Incepted in 1998, Temple’s Substance Misuse Inquiry Center (SMIC) commenced scrutinizing the effects of cannabis on immunological systems and its aptitude in addressing autoimmune diseases, spinal traumas, cerebral injuries, strokes, and pain scenarios. Preliminary discoveries indicated that the cannabinoid delta-9 THC had the capability to diminish immunological reactions, revealing a hopeful contender for situations where the immune framework is hyperactive and targets benign cells and tissues, like in the case of multiple sclerosis.

Since its primary concentration on cannabinoids, Temple has consistently crafted a commendable lattice of cannabis inquiries, encompassing the collective efforts of academic staff from diverse faculties, including the Katz Medical School and Science and Technology College.

Cultivating Inventiveness and Cohesion Through Alliances

In 2017, Temple designated medicinal cannabis producer Laurel Harvest Labs as its research ally. This calculated coalition transformed into a connection with Cresco Labs, which presently subsidizes several cannabis investigations led by Temple. 

The financing from Cresco Labs has facilitated Temple researchers to propose creative cannabis research initiatives, rendering cannabinoid research financing more obtainable within the academic society.

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Exploring New Therapeutic Avenues with Chapter 20

The Chapter 20 alliance between Temple University and Cresco Labs has amplified the ambit of cannabis studies and ushered in a distinctive chance for interdisciplinary cooperation. This cooperation has set the stage for monumental findings and novel therapeutic choices, encompassing:

  • Cannabinoids for surgical and dental discomfort: Motivated by the funding from the Chapter 20 alliance, Sara Jane Ward’s laboratory is presently exploring cannabinoids as a possible remedy for surgical pain through a mouse model and intends to probe the efficacy of cannabinoids in addressing dental discomfort.
  • Alleviation of food allergies with CBD: Research undertaken by Whelan indicates that the cannabis component CBD diminishes a kind of food allergy in mice, proposing a fresh therapeutic path and amplified life quality for those dealing with food allergies.

Visualizing the Prospective Capability of Medicinal Cannabis

With sustained backing from collaborators like Cresco Labs, Temple University persists in creating innovative pathways, discovering the extensive array of recuperative capabilities of cannabis elements. By zeroing in on realms where conventional medicine has underperformed or could be potentially amplified, they aim to deliver hopeful new treatments originating from cannabinoids to those in utmost need. The avant-garde research endeavors of Temple hold the secret to unraveling the comprehensive potential of medicinal cannabis, illuminating a path toward an optimistic future for innumerable patients across the globe.

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Rita Ferreira

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