Hemp-Powered Revolution: Tilray Leads the Charge in Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging

Tilray is initiating its shift to sustainable packaging with its Good Supply brand, a move that anticipates increased consumer support and engagement, benefiting the environment and the company's profitability.

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Tilray's new packaging for Good Supply brand

Canadian cannabis producer Tilray Brands is making significant strides in addressing the growing problem of single-use plastics and cannabis-related waste by transitioning some of its packaging and product components to hemp materials. This pioneering move sets Tilray apart as the first large Canadian cannabis producer to demonstrate such a commitment to minimizing plastic usage, not only within Canada’s marijuana industry but also in other markets, including the United States.

An Industry-Wide Concern for Packaging Waste

The environmental impact of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada has been a topic of concern ever since policy changes came into effect. Among the primary issues raised during government reviews was the excessive production of packaging waste resulting from sales in this lucrative industry.

In response to these concerns, Health Canada – the federal regulator for the sector – said that while it doesn’t track packaging usage or disposal in the cannabis industry specifically, it strongly encourages businesses to explore innovative, eco-friendly alternatives, provided they meet all regulatory requirements.

Tilray Takes Action with Good Supply Brand

To kickstart its transition to sustainable packaging solutions, Tilray will first make changes to its popular Good Supply brand and then expand the initiative to include other brands later this year. Besides actively reducing its environmental footprint, the company’s research indicates that consumers are more likely to support and purchase cannabis products packaged in environmentally friendly materials. In fact, Tilray expects a noticeable uptick in customer engagement and loyalty due to this change, which should ultimately benefit both the environment and the business’s bottom line.

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Ambitious Targets for Plastic Reduction

By 2023, Tilray aims to have fully converted all flower, vape, and pre-roll packaging materials in its product lines to hemp-based alternatives. This ambitious timeline will have a considerable positive impact on the environment, with projections estimating the diversion of approximately 158,000 kilograms of plastic from landfills as a direct result of this transition.

New Hemp Packaging Innovations for Cannabis Products

In line with Tilray’s new commitment to sustainability in packaging, the Good Supply brand will introduce several innovative eco-friendly “hemp tubes” designed specifically for pre-rolls and Pax Pods cartridges. These new tubes are not only better for the environment than conventional plastic containers but also ensure that Tilray’s products continue to meet strict regulatory standards while minimizing waste generation.

Furthermore, Good Supply will launch hemp-composite mouthpieces to replace traditional plastic components in their range of popular 510 vape cartridges, taking another essential step towards total conversion to hemp-based products and packaging.

Growing Trend of Cannabis Companies Embracing Sustainability

This decisive move by Tilray is emblematic of a broader trend unfolding in the global cannabis industry, which has seen an increasing number of businesses begin embracing practices aimed at bolstering environmental stewardship. As more producers follow in Tilray’s footsteps, it’s becoming clearer by the day that transitioning to eco-friendly packaging isn’t just good for the planet – it’s likely to become a new standard across the entire sector.

Setting a New Standard for the Global Cannabis Industry

The groundbreaking adoption of hemp-based packaging by Canadian cannabis giant Tilray represents a critical first step toward an industry-wide transformation. With mounting pressure from consumers, governments, and regulators alike, other major players in the space are sure to follow suit in adopting sustainable practices such as this one to reduce their environmental impact significantly.

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As more companies embrace this new gold standard of environmental responsibility within the cannabis industry, the future looks bright – not just for Tilray and its contemporaries but also for the planet as a whole. Only time will tell how quickly such changes become the norm; however, there’s no denying that the global cannabis sector is well on its way to achieving incredible feats in sustainability.

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Rita Ferreira

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