Tilt Holdings and Smoore Partner to Enhance Vape Technology in Cannabis Industry

Smoore agrees to supply CCell vape hardware to Jupiter Research on credit, reflecting trust and a strong partnership with Tilt Holdings, with Jupiter committing to pay any outstanding amounts beyond insured unpaid invoices.

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Tilt Holdings Inc., a key player in the cannabis industry, has agreed to partner with leading vape hardware manufacturer Smoore. This collaboration will see Smoore provide its advanced CCell vape hardware product collection to Tilt’s subsidiary, Jupiter Research. The ongoing partnership aims to expand both companies’ business offerings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Smoore’s Commitment to Deliver Products on Credit

One remarkable aspect of this new alliance is that Smoore has agreed to supply and deliver the CCell vape hardware products to Jupiter Research on credit. This move demonstrates Smoore’s trust in Tilt and its subsidiaries and underscores the valuable working relationship between these major industry players. In return, Jupiter will ensure the payment of any outstanding amounts owed to Smoore beyond what is covered by insurance for unpaid invoices older than 120 days.

Tilt CEO on the Importance of the Partnership

The CEO of Tilt expressed his enthusiasm about this pivotal move, highlighting that reaching an agreement with Smoore is an essential step towards expanding the company’s footprint in the market. By adding Smoore’s top-quality CCell vape hardware products to Tilt’s offerings, they are addressing customers’ ever-evolving needs in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, this partnership opens up more opportunities for innovation and growth for both Tilt and Smoore.

Addressing Forbearance Agreements Amidst Growing Partnerships

In light of these developments, Tilt has also initiated discussions with noteholders regarding the possibility of a forbearance agreement. This is due to Smoore’s new first lien status arising from its partnership with Tilt and subsidiary Jupiter Research.

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Key Takeaways for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry, particularly in the area of vape products, is continuously evolving as customer preferences change and the demand for innovation increases. This partnership between Tilt and Smoore is significant as it demonstrates their shared vision of meeting client needs, improving product offerings, and advancing research and development. Here are some essential insights that can be gathered:

Catering to Customer Demands

A critical aspect of successful business growth is recognizing and keeping up with changing consumer preferences. As vaping gains popularity worldwide, businesses operating in this sphere must stay ahead regarding technology and product selection. The collaboration of Tilt and Smoore will prove advantageous in this aspect by providing curated, updated product portfolios that appeal to the current market.

Investment in Partner Relations

Maintaining strong ties with partners is just as crucial as retaining customers. Investing in partner relations shows commitment to mutual goals, fosters goodwill, and encourages long-term partnerships. Smoore extending credit to Jupiter Research is an excellent example of how trust between partners contributes to productive collaborations and furthers expansion efforts.

Developing Agreements for Future Possibilities

By accounting for changes brought about by critical partnerships like the one formed by Tilt and Smoore, both companies display foresight in initiating talks to handle potential effects on existing agreements. This proactive approach indicates their intentions to safeguard themselves against unwanted complications while ensuring these strategic alliances operate smoothly.

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Rita Ferreira

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