Uber Eats Reveals the Dopest Cities for Cannabis Enthusiasts 

Uber Eats has unveiled its rankings of the 'dopest' cities for cannabis enthusiasts in Ontario and British Columbia, highlighting the burgeoning role of delivery in the cannabis market and shedding light on regional consumer trends and preferences.

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Uber Eats Reveals the Dopest Cities for Cannabis Enthusiasts

In a groundbreaking analysis, Uber Eats has identified the most popular cities in Ontario and British Columbia for cannabis enthusiasts

As cannabis legalization continues to reshape the market landscape in Canada, delivery services like Uber Eats are pivotal in making cannabis products more accessible to consumers. 

Uber’s report dives into the cities that are leading the charge in integrating these services, thereby enhancing the user experience and satisfaction in the cannabis market.

Overview of Methodology 

Uber Eats leveraged comprehensive data from orders placed through their platform to determine the’ dopest’ cities. The analysis focused on various metrics, including the volume of orders, the diversity of cannabis products offered, and user preferences across different regions. This approach provided a detailed snapshot of cannabis consumption patterns, helping to pinpoint where demand is highest and what specific products are catching the eye of consumers.

Top Ranked Cities in British Columbia 

At the forefront of British Columbia stands Victoria, renowned not only for its scenic beauty but also as a hub for cannabis enthusiasts. Vancouver and Kelowna are closely followed, each with a unique flair in the cannabis market. 

Victoria leads with a high demand for craft cannabis products, showcasing a preference for quality over quantity. Vancouver, known for its vibrant culture, mirrors this demand but with a significant inclination towards edibles and innovative consumption methods. 

Kelowna, with a more laid-back persona, attracts a steady flow of cannabis tourism driven by its boutique dispensaries and seasonal cannabis-infused products.

Top Ranked Cities in Ontario 

Toronto takes the lead in Ontario, distinguished by its diverse consumer base and broad product availability. Ottawa and Hamilton follow, each with distinct cannabis consumption characteristics. 

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Toronto’s market is dynamic, with a constant influx of new products and strains reflecting the city’s multicultural backdrop. Ottawa’s consumers prefer high THC products, indicative of a more experienced user base, while Hamilton shows a growing trend in micro-dosed edibles, appealing to both novice and health-conscious consumers.

Across both provinces, there is a clear preference for pre-rolls, edibles, and flowers, with notable regional variations in strain popularity and product types. 

In British Columbia, organic and locally sourced strains are in vogue, while in Ontario, there is a marked preference for high-potency products. This divergence underscores the localized nature of cannabis culture, suggesting that social, cultural, and regional factors heavily influence consumer preferences.


Uber Eats’ ranking of the ‘dopest’ cities in Ontario and British Columbia offers invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of the cannabis market in Canada. This analysis highlights consumer preferences and emerging trends and underscores the significance of delivery services in shaping the future of cannabis consumption.

As these markets continue to mature, such data will be crucial for businesses aiming to meet the nuanced demands of cannabis users, paving the way for innovative approaches to product distribution and marketing in the cannabis industry.

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Rita Ferreira

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