Is Virginia’s Evolving Cannabis Policy Leading Patients Away from Legal Sources?

In Virginia, evolving medical cannabis policies and high prices have led 90% of registered patients to acquire their medication from non-approved sources, affecting both patient access and the pharmaceutical market.

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Medical cannabis in Virginia is too expensive

In Virginia, the rapidly evolving landscape of medical cannabis policies and regulations has resulted in higher prices that deter patients from seeking legal, state-approved sources for their medication. As a result, many are turning to alternative means, such as home growing or obtaining cannabis through friends or family. A comprehensive study released recently has shown that 90% of registered patients in Virginia now buy their medical cannabis from sources outside of the approved pharmaceutical market.

Home-Growing and Adult-Use Sharing Legislation Impacts the Market

The research also found that recent changes in legislation around home-grow and adult-use sharing have led to an environment where pharmaceutical processors in Virginia struggle to keep up with demand. These legislative shifts have contributed to the high prices seen in Virginia’s medical cannabis program, putting heavy financial strain on patients who require cannabis as part of their medical treatment. This situation is not only impacting those who legitimately need access to medical cannabis for health reasons but also affecting the growth and revenue of pharmaceutical processors within the state.

Historic Roadblocks in Virginia’s Medical Cannabis Program

Ever since its inception in 2015 through the legalization of CBD and THC-A oil for epilepsy patients, Virginia’s medical cannabis program has faced several key issues. The lack of a robust regulatory framework meant state-licensed dispensaries were the only legal option for patients seeking cannabis products. Problems within the system included high prices, registration fees, inconsistent supply, low potency, and limited user access points.

These challenges have led to lower patient enrollment numbers, with the study revealing only 0.5% of the total state population is enrolled in the medical cannabis program. Despite efforts to reduce barriers and increase availability, these issues have stunted the growth of patient-affiliated programs throughout Virginia.

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Legislative Changes Needed for a Thriving Market

If Virginia hopes to steer its medical cannabis program towards a healthy and functional market, it will need significant legislative reforms. Lowering prices is not simply a matter of increasing capacity for licensed pharmaceutical companies; it involves comprehensive changes in current policy approaches. As lawmakers prepare to reconvene at the 2024 session, where adult-use cannabis regulation is up for discussion, they must focus on creating new solutions to help their state benefit from this growing industry outpacing many other sectors across the United States.

Potential Solutions to Consider

A more balanced approach may include creating new license types or increasing pharmaceutical processor licenses to expand dispensary access without regional limitations. Maintaining stability and integrity within the marketplace would provide patients with better choices while holding providers accountable for the quality and safety of their products.

Legislators should also engage with patients, advocates, and healthcare professionals to ensure that regulations address their concerns and facilitate efficient access for those who genuinely need medical cannabis as part of their treatment plan. This collaboration could bring about real-world insights into what is successfully working in other states and allow the medical community to make informed decisions about how best to help their residents obtain safe, affordable, and effective medicinal cannabis treatments.

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Rita Ferreira

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