Top 5 Cannabis Business Social Networks You Should Subscribe in 2023

Discover how these 5 cannabis business social networks offer a little something for anyone enthusiastic about cannabis cultivation, marketing, and on.

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As an industry that’s plagued with misinformation and just a lack of information in general, cannabis business networks have been essential tools for many cultivators and businesses, who are looking to find the best practices for cultivating cannabis while growing their business. By connecting cannabis cultivators, enthusiasts, and others around the world, a cannabis business network is a place that many call home. 

Top 5 Cannabis Business Social Networks

While all cannabis business social networks focus on cannabis, they can take on various shapes, designs, and sizes, depending on who in the cannabis industry they are trying to attract. 

The 5 platforms we are about to look at all offer something others don’t, so make sure to pay close attention while asking yourself where your interests and needs lie. In fact, three of the platforms we reviewed are owned by the same people, but will all offer something that other doesn’t. 

Designed to grow your network, MjLink uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create automatic leads that can help grow and connect your business to others in your specific industry niche. As of 2020, MjLink had over two million users who can share events, photos, and cannabis promos. Upon signing up, you can add your business to their business directory. 

MjLink Is Best For: Professionals from all walks of life (sellers, growers, and even attorneys) who want to expand their business. 

2. Weedlife

Founded in 2013, Weedlife is one of the oldest and most popular cannabis platforms. Its news feed is very reminiscent of Facebook’s, making it instantly easy to use for most individuals familiar with social media platforms. Spanning over 120 countries worldwide, Weedlife offers chat groups and forums, where you can discuss pretty much any cannabis-related topic. Weedlife is a division of MjLink, but you will see plenty of differences. 

Weedlife Is Best For: Those who want to discuss a wide range of cannabis-specific topics through an affordable (FREE) and convenient mobile app. *While they advertise that the app is available on the Google Play Store, we could only find it on Apple’s App Store at the time of this review. 

3. MjInvest Cannabis Investor Network

Where Weedlife is better studied as a consumer-to-consumer social media company, MjInvest is more focused on the business-to-business side of cannabis. Think Facebook vs. LinkedIn. By their name, you can tell MjInvest is heavily focused on helping you find the best cannabis investments. 

They advertise themselves as “The only social investor network solely focused on the cannabis industry containing the most up-to-date news, community connections, education and exclusive interviews all in ONE location.”. That is a big brag, but they do achieve what they set out to accomplish — we would like them to fix that typo, however! 

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MjInvest Is Best For: Investors, analysts, and brokers who want the option to hold virtual presentations. 

4. HempTalk

Owned by the same people that run Weedlife and MJLink, HempTalk is a form where you can share hemp product pictures, videos, podcasts, events, and knowledge with other professionals, colleagues, and vendors. You do need to sign up if you want to check out the forum, but this offers an additional layer of privacy that many will welcome. So don’t read that as a negative criticism. 

HempTalk is best for newcomers to the cannabis industry who are looking for help in the many various fields that make up the industry. 

5. Grasscity Forums

Officially founded in 2000, making it the oldest social media platform in our review, Grasscity has paved the way for other social media platforms by being a place where cannabis enthusiasts of all types can discuss the intricacies of this miraculous plant. 

Along with their forum, they offer an easy-to-search dispensary directory and a range of cannabis items (dab rigs, grinders, etc.) to buy. Before 2000, Grasscity was known as Coffeeshop-Amsterdam, a website dedicated to selling smoking accessories. So while a much bigger company today, they haven’t forgotten about their past. 

Grasscity Is Best For: Those interested in talking about cannabis in a non-professional setting as well as those looking to buy legal cannabis products. 

The Rise of Cannabis-Focused Social Platforms

In the past few years as laws around the world have loosened their restrictions on cannabis, several new and major cannabis-specific social networks have bloomed forth. These platforms offer something for everyone. New to growing cannabis and not sure where to start? There are several platforms available to help with that. Looking to safely promote your cannabis business? You guessed it, there are many forums and networks for those too. 

Cannabis-focused social platforms connect those passionate about cannabis, who otherwise might not have anyone to turn to in their non-online lives. As someone who grew up in a rural and conservative farming community, I can attest to their importance and the help they offer. 

Why You Should Join Cannabis-Specific Social Networks

Whether you’re looking to make friends, business connections, or promote your cannabis products, a cannabis-specific social network is a safe and engaging place for those passionate about cannabis. Non-cannabis social networks can be quite restrictive when it comes to how you’re able to discuss cannabis on their websites — make one wrong move and you can receive a ban that can jeopardize your business. 

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They can help you get your foot in the door in an industry that many are desperate to get into. Then they are a place where you can learn and grow — pun intended — whether that’s learning how to garden or restrictions in the cannabis retail industry. 

Due to a lack of research, cannabis social platforms are a hotbed for cultivators passionate about uncovering the best practices while breaking down myths many newcomers fall victim to. Additionally, the world of cannabis is moving at breakneck speeds, and cannabis-specific social networks are a great way to stay up to date about all the new happenings and changes this industry frequently sees. 

Considerations When Choosing a Cannabis Social Network

The cannabis industry is a big industry, with many players from all sides of the spectrum. As such, while some cannabis social networks focus solely on the business and marketing side of things, others will be dedicated to growing cannabis. 

I encourage you to take the time to look over the various networks we looked at above. Paying note not only to who the platform is for, but what features they offer as well. Ask yourself what are you looking for: brand awareness, business connections, information on the cannabis industry, a place to post ads and promos, etc. There is little reason not to join multiple networks if your needs demand it. 

To Conclude

The internet has been a blessing to many industries, but cannabis may just be the industry that it has shined its light on the most. By connecting those passionate about cannabis, whether it’s cultivating or marketing, the internet became a place for like-minded individuals to safely discuss the plant they love during a time when discussing it in public can bring negative attention. And cannabis social networks are a core aspect of this. Composed of everyone from your classic toker to your millionaire businessman, the cannabis industry has many cogs in its machine. Different social media platforms will cater to all these walks of life, so make sure to research some before joining.

Nicholas McKenzie - Cannabis Research Specialist

Nicholas McKenzie - Cannabis Research Specialist

Nicholas has spent the last ten years teaching gardeners, businesses, and enthusiasts how to succeed in the exciting and ever-changing world of cannabis. Whether he’s in the field getting his hands dirty or in the lab studying cannabinoids and their uses, Nicholas is passionate about bringing well-researched, factual, and concise information to an industry that very much needs it.

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