Alert: DCC Issues Urgent Recall of UPNORTH Maui-Wowie Cannabis Flower Due to Contamination

The recall is due to Aspergillus terreus contamination in the cannabis product, posing severe health risks like lung infections and potentially fatal aspergillosis, with immediate medical consultation recommended for those experiencing symptoms.

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Alert DCC Issues Urgent Recall of UPNORTH Maui-Wowie Cannabis Flower Due to Contamination

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has recently issued a consumer advisory for a product recall concerning the presence of Aspergillus terreus in a single UPNORTH 3.5-gram cannabis flower product, namely, the Maui-Wowie variant.

To safeguard public health and safety, it is crucial for consumers who purchased this product after September 15, 2023, to check their package for the UID or batch number included in this recall.

Mandatory Recall Details: UPNORTH 3.5 Gram Flower, Maui-Wowie

According to the DCC, the following product details are essential for consumers to identify whether the cannabis flower they possess falls under the scope of this recall:

  • Product Type: Cannabis Flower
  • Product Information: UPNORTH 3.5 Gram Flower, Maui-Wowie
  • Batch Number: UN9723MAW
  • UID Number: 1A4060300003B66000224398
  • Date Packaged: After September 15, 2023
  • Packaged By: UPNORTH Distribution

The impacted products bearing these specific details were sold at multiple locations. Please refer to the Department’s website for a comprehensive list of outlets that distributed this product.

Aspergillus Terreus: A Potential Health Threat

In the case of this recall, the detected contaminant is Aspergillus terreus, a species of fungus that may pose serious health risks. In some instances, exposure to this fungus can lead to lung infections in immunocompromised individuals or even cause invasive aspergillosis, which can be fatal if left untreated.

It is crucial for those who have purchased and consumed the affected product to immediately consult their healthcare providers, especially if they experience any symptoms linked to Aspergillus terreus infection.

How to Find More Information and Respond to Product Recalls

If consumers have questions or require additional information concerning this mandatory recall, they are encouraged to contact the Department of Cannabis Control directly. It is always essential to remain vigilant and informed about any recalls related to cannabis products to ensure the safe consumption and enjoyment of these items.

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Understanding the Cannabis Recall Process

The main objective of the cannabis recall process is to effectively remove defective or potentially unsafe products from the market, thus securing consumer safety. The Department of Cannabis Control oversees this process with integrity, fairness, and innovation, working collaboratively with stakeholders to provide necessary support and updated knowledge in the ever-evolving industry.

Fostering Trust and Accountability in the Cannabis Industry

This product recall serves as an important reminder for both cannabis producers and consumers to maintain high standards of quality, safety, and transparency within the industry. Earlier this month, the DCC issued a different recall for similar products due to the contamination of certain batches with Aspergillus fumigatus. The shared responsibilities of cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and regulators will only enhance public trust and foster healthier communities.

Lessons Learned from the UpNorth Maui Wowie Cannabis Flower Recall

As investigations into the root cause of the contamination continue, all stakeholders need to learn from this recall experience. Establishing robust quality control measures and adhering to strict regulatory guidelines will prevent similar incidents in the future, ensuring that consumers have access to safe and unadulterated cannabis products.

By remaining abreast of updates and developments within the cannabis industry and acting promptly on information regarding product recalls or other safety issues, producers and consumers alike can contribute towards a thriving market characterized by accountability, innovation, and collaborative growth.

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