Urgent Recall Issued for Contaminated Passiflora Premium Flower Black Mamba OG by DCC

If you've bought Passiflora Premium Flower Black Mamba OG (UID 1A4060300003589000054681, batch 05092823) packaged by Discount Caregivers and sold after October 5, 2023, check the UID and batch number for the recent recall and contact the DCC for safety guidance.

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Urgent Recall Issued for Contaminated Passiflora Premium Flower Black Mamba OG by DCC

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has recently announced an urgent and mandatory recall for Passiflora Premium Flower Black Mamba OG, a popular cannabis flower product. The recall was made necessary due to the discovery of Aspergillus fumigatus contamination in certain batches of the product. This article aims to provide consumers with crucial information about the affected products and essential steps to follow if they have purchased or used these contaminated products.

Details on the Contaminated Cannabis Flower Product

The recalled product is the Passiflora Premium Flower Black Mamba OG, a type of cannabis flower widely sold across various authorized locations. The unique identifier (UID) number for the concerned product is 1A4060300003589000054681; it belongs to batch number 05092823.

All items from this specific batch are subject to the mandatory recall. Consumers should be cautious as both the packaging date and sale date of the affected products are after October 5, 2023.

The Discount Caregivers organization is the manufacturer responsible for packaging the recalled products. It’s worth noting that the products under recall have been distributed across multiple locations and sold in different stores. Detailed data on the affected locations can be found on the DCC’s official website.

Action Steps for Consumers Affected by the Recall

If you have purchased the Passiflora Premium Flower Black Mamba OG cited in this recall, inspect its package and look for the UID and batch number. If your product belongs to the identified contaminated batch, cease usage immediately and contact the DCC or relevant authority for further guidance.

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It’s crucial to prioritize your health and safety while staying informed about product recalls in the cannabis industry. Understanding the cannabis recall process, along with the risks of using defective products, will help ensure that you’re making safe choices when consuming cannabis-related items.

Importance of Cannabis Recalls

In the growing market for cannabis products, mandatory recalls are essential in maintaining product quality, public safety, and customer satisfaction. Product recalls aim to remove potentially harmful and unsafe products from circulation, thus upholding high standards in cannabis production and distribution sectors. By regularly monitoring recall notifications, consumers can stay well-informed and avoid using potentially hazardous products.

Characteristics of a Vigilant Cannabis Industry

A responsible and ethical cannabis industry is founded on various principles, including integrity, fairness, innovation, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mutual support among producers, distributors, and regulators. Adhering to these guidelines assists in creating a reputable connection between suppliers, end-users, and regulatory authorities, ultimately enhancing confidence in the continuity and growth of this rapidly evolving sector.

The Department of Cannabis Control’s Commitment to Safety

The DCC focuses on ensuring that all products within the cannabis space comply with stringent quality standards and regulations. This commitment also means issuing timely recalls whenever necessary to safeguard the health and welfare of cannabis users. As the primary licensing and regulatory authority for cannabis products, the DCC continuously works towards guaranteeing that every available product meets consumer expectations and adheres to safety requirements.

Being vigilant about the latest developments within the cannabis industry, such as the recent recall of Passiflora Premium Flower Black Mamba OG, can considerably minimize the risks associated with cannabis consumption. Keeping oneself informed about essential matters like potential safety hazards and product recalls is crucial for every consumer who wishes to enjoy a worry-free experience while exploring the wide world of cannabis products.

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