California State Fair Makes History with On-Site Cannabis Sales and Consumption

This year's California State Fair introduces on-site cannabis sales and consumption, reflecting a historic step towards normalizing and integrating cannabis within mainstream events.

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This year’s California State Fair marks a historic milestone with the introduction of marijuana sales and on-site consumption. For the first time in its history, adults attending the state-sanctioned event can purchase and consume cannabis products, making an indelible mark in the journey towards destigmatizing this industry.

A significant shift: from exhibits to actual sales

While previous fairs have included cannabis-related events, this year stands out as it allows legal purchasing and consuming of marijuana on-site. Lauren Carpenter, co-founder of Embarc, a leading cannabis company, said that this inclusion facilitates a deeper connection between consumers and the farmers who meticulously cultivate their products.

The virtual shopping experience

The fair will run from July 12-28, enabling adults aged 21 and over to explore various cannabis products, add them to a virtual shopping cart, and collect their items at one of Embarc’s off-site dispensaries. This innovative approach combines modern technology with traditional fair experiences, adding a unique dimension for attendees interested in exploring cannabis.

Cannabis’s role in California’s agriculture

According to James Leitz, executive producer of the Cannabis Competition and Exhibit, this initiative underscores the significant role of cannabis within California‘s agricultural sector. The move is not just about sales; it’s about celebrating the state’s rich agricultural diversity by including cannabis cultivators.

A historical timeline

California’s journey toward integrating cannabis into mainstream events began gaining momentum after adult-use legalization was enacted in 2018. Prior to this, attendees could buy marijuana from local growers at a cannabis farmers market held alongside the fair. This marked preliminary steps toward normalizing cannabis but didn’t offer the full integration seen today.

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The 2018 Legislation

The expanded features related to cannabis at this year’s fair were pieced together following legislation passed in 2018. This law enabled regulators to issue temporary marijuana event licenses where permitted by local governments. Herein lies the legal framework that has facilitated this groundbreaking moment.

An expanded selection: beyond the flower

This year’s cannabis awards at the fair have widened their scope. Traditional categories such as flowers still hold their importance, but the inclusion has now expanded to cover products like pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles. This diversified focus highlights the evolving nature of the cannabis market, reflecting consumer demand and industry growth.

A note from the CEO

Tom Martinez, CEO of the California State Fair, emphasized the leadership position the fair took in 2022 by introducing a cannabis exhibit and competition. This year builds upon that foundation, further solidifying the fair’s role in promoting and normalizing cannabis use.

The significance of this milestone

The inclusive approach taken by this year’s fair represents more than just a shift in policy; it marks a watershed moment in the broader cultural acceptance of cannabis. By intertwining cannabis education, availability, and direct farmer-consumer interactions, the fair sets a precedent for other states considering similar integrations.

This year’s California State Fair isn’t merely an event; it’s a bold statement of progress and acceptance. With an eye towards reducing stigma and enhancing the understanding of cannabis, this milestone signals a future where cannabis continues to take root, grow, and flourish within American society.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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