Cresco Labs’ Cannabis Workers in Massachusetts Exit Union

Cresco Labs' workers initially unionized in 2020 seeking better conditions, but later voted to decertify due to stagnant wages and less competitive benefits compared to nonunion peers.

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Cresco Labs' Cannabis Workers in Massachusetts Exit Union

Cresco Labs, a prominent name in the cannabis industry, operates an extensive cultivation facility in Massachusetts. Recently, this facility became a focal point for industry-wide attention as its workers voted to decertify their union. This decision marks a significant turn in the labor dynamics within the cannabis sector, highlighting a shift in employee-employer relations and broader union interactions.


The journey toward unionization at Cresco Labs began in November 2020, when employees seeking better wages, benefits, and working conditions voted to unionize under UFCW Local 328. This move was initially met with optimism, as it promised enhanced job security and improved standards for the workforce. Unionization was seen as a progressive step for labor rights within the rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

Reasons for Decertification

Over time, however, several issues led to dissatisfaction among the workers. Key grievances included stagnant wages that did not keep pace with inflation and a benefits package that seemed less competitive compared to what nonunion employees received elsewhere

Wyatt Brissette highlighted these concerns, pushing for a reevaluation of union benefits. “We felt as if (the union) didn’t match what we needed,” he said. “We were pretty much paying them for nothing, ”Brissette noted, expressing a common sentiment among his colleagues.

Process of Decertification

The move to decertify involved a formal process where a majority of Cresco Labs’ employees expressed their desire to exit the union. This decision followed legal protocols, including a vote that indicated the workers’ preference to disassociate from UFCW Local 328. The procedural clarity and majority support showcased the collective will of the employees, underscoring their autonomy in choosing their representation.

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Implications for Cresco Labs

The decertification at Cresco Labs could lead to significant changes within the company. Following the union exit, management promptly introduced wage adjustments and stock compensation packages, directly addressing some of the workers’ previous concerns. These changes could enhance employee satisfaction and retention, shaping a new path in employer-employee relations at Cresco.

Broader Impact on the Cannabis Industry

This incident could influence union strategies across the cannabis industry, potentially affecting how labor relations are handled in other companies. As unions strive to demonstrate their value, they may need to adapt their approaches better to meet the specific needs of cannabis industry workers, considering this sector’s unique challenges and rapid growth.

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