DCC Issues Recall on Blem Unruly OG Cannabis Flower

The Department of Cannabis Control has issued a voluntary recall of Blem 3.5 Gram Unruly OG Cannabis Flower for mislabeling THC levels.

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DCC Issues Recall on Blem Unruly OG Cannabis Flower

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) has recently issued a voluntary product recall on March 29, 2024, for a specific batch of the Blem 3.5 Gram Unruly OG Cannabis Flower product. This action was taken due to concerns over inaccurate THC content labeling found in one particular batch from Malibu Gold, LLC.

Product Information and Details

The recalled product is a Blem 3.5 Gram Cannabis Flower, specifically under the Blem Unruly OG strain. The affected batch number is 2023-B30 and carries a UID number of 1A40603000160BD000000594.

Malibu Gold, LLC packaged the mislabeled products after July 24, 2023. These packages have been sold at multiple locations following this date.

How to Identify Recalled Products

Consumers who may have purchased this product are advised to check the packaging for the UID or batch number included in the recall. If you still have questions or need additional information regarding the recall, you should contact Malibu Gold, LLC, or visit the DCC website for further details on the locations where the products were sold.

Understanding the Importance of Cannabis Recalls

Recalls play an essential role in ensuring that defective or potentially unsafe cannabis products are removed from the market as soon as possible.

Regulatory bodies like the DCC emphasize consumer safety, striving to maintain accurate labeling and transparent communications regarding potential hazards related to cannabis products.

By issuing recalls, the DCC shows its commitment to the core values of integrity, fairness, innovation, knowledge, collaboration, and support.

The Recall Process

Cannabis recalls can be voluntary or compulsory, depending on the severity of the issue at hand. In cases like this recent recall, a voluntary recall is issued when the manufacturer or distributor identifies and corrects an issue in their product labeling or formulation. Compulsory recalls occur when regulatory bodies discover potential hazards that warrant immediate action to protect public health and safety.

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During a cannabis recall, information about the affected products is disseminated through various channels, including press releases, websites, and email notifications. Affected customers are given clear instructions on how to identify potentially compromised products as well as recommended next steps.

Consumer Responsibilities During a Recall

While companies and regulators do their part to communicate recall information effectively, consumers also have crucial roles to fulfill during these situations. Individuals purchasing cannabis products need to stay informed and vigilant about possible recalls that could affect them directly. If you believe you have purchased a recalled product, make sure to follow the stated guidelines and reach out to the appropriate parties for additional assistance.

Ensuring Accurate Labeling and Consumer Safety

To maintain the highest standards of consumer safety, all players in the cannabis industry must work together to prevent future occurrences of inaccurate labeling or other issues. This involves strict adherence to regulations and guidelines, enhancing quality control measures, and fostering clear lines of communication between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers.

An educated and discerning customer base is a powerful deterrent against subpar cannabis products flooding the market. Consumers who know how to identify quality products from trusted sources will not only protect themselves but also contribute to the overall health and growth of the cannabis industry.

The recent Blem 3.5 Gram Unruly OG Cannabis Flower recall, along with other recent recalls by the DCC, are a reminder that all involved parties share the responsibilities and challenges surrounding cannabis product safety. As this sector continues to evolve, it is essential to uphold the principles of integrity, fairness, innovation, knowledge, collaboration, and support as cornerstones of the entire industry.

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