GreenBe Pharma Achieves EU-GMP Certification

GreenBe Pharma has obtained EU-GMP certification for its Elvas site, enhancing its capacity to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis flowers, and is set to begin its first shipments under these standards to markets including Portugal, Germany, Britain, and Australia.

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In a recent advancement, GreenBe Pharma has successfully received the EU-GMP (European Union Good Manufacturing Practice) certification for its production site in Elvas, earmarking significant progress in the manufacture of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis flowers.

The EU-GMP standards are an essential benchmark for companies aspiring to enter the international market since they ensure compliance with rigorous global pharmaceutical norms. This certification reflects GreenBe Pharma’s ambition and readiness to compete on a larger stage by producing medicinal products that meet the highest quality standards.

Expanded operational capabilities

With this new capability, GreenBe Pharma is prepared to manage its first shipments produced explicitly under the stringent EU-GMP guidelines by later this spring. The facility boasts a maximum throughput of 4,000 kilograms of dried cannabis flower annually. These flowers, processed as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), are expected to serve the domestic market in Portugal and several key international markets, including Germany, Britain, and Australia.

New opportunities in global markets

The company’s establishment of cultivation and manufacturing agreements with various leading pharmaceutical and distribution companies highlights its strategic position to penetrate one of the fastest-growing sectors globally: medical cannabis.

Establishing footholds in these high-growth areas is vital in GreenBe Pharma’s expansion strategy. It opens up superior avenues for local patients to access high-quality medical cannabis through established pharmacies, increasing the availability of alternative medicinal options substantially.

Achievement driven by concerted efforts

João Janeiro, Chief Operating Officer of GreenBe Pharma, emphasized that the achievement of this milestone was made possible due to dedicated efforts towards developing a robust and efficient production system. These facilities focus primarily on growing plants that align with the tremendous demand from patient-oriented markets. By ensuring top-grade production, GreenBe secures regulatory compliance, trust, and reliability among stakeholders and consumers.

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A challenging but rewarding process

One crucial aspect highlighted by Eliecer Lopez, GreenBe Pharma’s Business Development Manager, was obtaining INFARMED’s accreditation, which qualifies pharmaceutical operations according to Portuguese standards and EU-GMP regulations.

The successful navigation of these challenges is poised to enhance the company’s supply chain efficiency, especially when it comes to distributing select strains to partners beginning this spring.

Furthermore, other players like Mike Tyson’s brand Tyson 2.0 and North American entities are signaling similar interests toward European expansions, stimulating broader industry growth and competition.

Global potpourri of developments in medical cannabis

The landscape of the global medical cannabis industry holds many ongoing projects and explorations, showcasing dynamic movements within the sector. For instance, places like Bègles and Greece are exploring groundbreaking projects and programs aimed at legalizing or enhancing the utility of medical cannabis.

The outcome of such developments reverberates through the industry, indicating a bullish trend toward the acceptance and integration of cannabis into mainstream medicinal channels.
For GreenBe Pharma, securing the EU-GMP certification is more than a regulatory triumph; it captures a pivotal stride towards setting benchmarks in product quality and patient safety worldwide.

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Rita Ferreira

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