Historic Labor Agreement Achieved for California Cannabis Delivery Workers

Following nine months of intense negotiations, cannabis delivery drivers and depot staff at Eaze have reached a tentative labor agreement, marking a significant milestone in labor rights within the California cannabis industry.

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Drivers and depot workers at 11 Eaze locations throughout California have achieved a landmark tentative labor agreement with the cannabis delivery company Eaze, signifying a significant triumph for workers’ rights in the cannabis field.

By circumventing a planned statewide strike before the widely celebrated 4/20 holiday, this deal concludes nine months of strenuous negotiations and workplace enhancements.

Led by the Eaze Employee Bargaining Committee

The negotiated tentative agreement promises better wages, reasonable compensation for vehicle usage, regulated work hours, and a set of enforceable rights and protections at work, underscoring the strength of collective bargaining. This pact, forged after a prolonged struggle starting in August 2023, represents a pivotal moment for employees striving for fair labor conditions and compensation.

Collective Success Brings Joy

The achievement of this agreement has filled the employees with elation. Ron Swallow, an Eaze delivery driver from Van Nuys and a member of the UFCW Local 770 negotiating team, shared his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to have achieved such meaningful victories through our collective strength and solidarity.” Giovanna Sanchez-Esquival, a driver at Element 7 in South San Francisco, emphasized the need to decline the initial proposal from the company, pushing for a majority to reconvene negotiations, thereby underlining the power of their collective efforts.

Statewide Acknowledgment for Cannabis Workers

Kerry McCue, a member of the UFCW Local 135 Bargaining Committee, remarked on the agreement, “It’s a relief to finally reach a middle ground with a contract that recognizes our costs and contributions.” Austin Williams, a driver for Eaze/Stachs and UFCW Local 324 member, praised his colleagues’ resolve and commitment to securing their rights.

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This agreement not only marks a crucial milestone for California’s cannabis workers but also underscores the effectiveness of collective bargaining in securing just compensation and fair treatment. Representing close to 600 employees from Eaze/Stachs, UFCW locals 5, 135, 324, and 770 have made a significant impact on the sector.

UFCW’s Expanding Role in the Cannabis Industry

The UFCW now represents over 6,000 cannabis workers across California, showcasing its growing influence in the state’s expanding market. This landmark achievement lays the groundwork for further advances in labor rights within the cannabis industry and beyond.

Nevertheless, this tentative agreement represents just the beginning of collective bargaining in the cannabis realm, illustrating the crucial role that unions play in ensuring fair wages, job security, and safe working conditions for all involved in the supply chain.

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Rita Ferreira

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