Revolutionary Rhythms: Illinois Sets the Stage for the Nation’s First Cannabis-Friendly Concert

Mundelein, Illinois, hosted the state's pioneering open marijuana consumption concert, reflecting the state's thriving cannabis industry.

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Mundelein, Illinois, hosted the state's first-ever concert that allowed open marijuana consumption

The second weekend of September marked a significant milestone for cannabis enthusiasts. Mundelein, Illinois, hosted the state’s first-ever concert that allowed open marijuana consumption. By doing so, the event’s organizers aimed to showcase the community’s responsibility and respect towards the state’s marijuana laws. 

In addition to permitting marijuana consumption during the concert, specific rules were implemented, such as possession limits for nonresidents of the state.

A Booming Cannabis Industry Following Legalization

Illinois saw the legalization of marijuana through its state legislature in 2019, launching legal sales in 2020. Governor J.B. Pritzker has actively supported the cause, emphasizing the benefits it has brought to the state. 

A third of cannabis sales now come from out-of-state residents visiting Illinois dispensaries despite higher prices than in other states where marijuana is legal. Notably, the booming cannabis sector generated nearly $450 million for state and local governments.

  • Illinois ranks as the third-largest cannabis market in the U.S., after Michigan and California.
  • Marijuana sales reached more than $1.5 billion in the state in 2022, hitting a record high.
  • Over 30,000 jobs have been created by the marijuana legalization law since it was launched in 2020.

July 2023: The Second-Strongest Month for Cannabis Sales

In July alone, Illinois marijuana retailers sold $140 million of cannabis products, making it the second-strongest month since the adult-use market opened in 2020. Neighboring states like Wisconsin and Minnesota, which recently legalized recreational marijuana, greatly impacted the visitor cannabis dollar influx. The highest sales month for Illinois was in December 2022, with over $143 million worth of cannabis sold.

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State Tax Benefits for Licensed Cannabis Businesses

Governor Pritzker has taken additional steps to support the marijuana industry in Illinois by signing a budget bill allowing licensed cannabis businesses to take advantage of state tax deductions. This measure aims to provide relief from the IRS code 280E, which currently prohibits federal-level tax deductions. Furthermore, Pritzker underscored his commitment to helping individuals affected by the war on drugs. He has expunged over 800,000 low-level cannabis arrest records and pardoned 26,000 people for nonviolent offenses.

New Milestones and Opportunities in Festival Culture

The first open marijuana consumption concert held in Mundelein, Illinois, reflects the significant changes in festival culture as more states legalize marijuana use. With Illinois being one of the largest cannabis markets in the U.S., events like these demonstrate the potential for growth and the emergence of new opportunities within entertainment industries to integrate cannabis consumption into their experiences.

A Bright Future for Illinois’ Marijuana Industry

The historic open marijuana consumption concert in Mundelein highlights the accomplishments since Illinois legally embraced adult-use cannabis. As one of the most prominent markets in the country, the state’s approach exemplifies the benefits that can be garnered through thoughtful and progressive legislation. The shift in festival culture, the economic opportunities created by these events, and the support from state leaders such as Governor Pritzker remain a testament to the promising future of Illinois’ marijuana industry.

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Rita Ferreira

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