Nancy Whiteman Steps Down as CEO of Wana Brands

In a significant shift at the helm, Nancy Whiteman, co-founder of Wana Brands, will step down as CEO in May to pursue philanthropic efforts, with Joe Hodas set to lead the company into its next growth phase.

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In May, Nancy Whiteman, the co-founder and CEO of Wana Brands, the cannabis edibles company, will step down from her position. She plans to concentrate more heavily on philanthropic work.

Joe Hodas, who has been the chief marketing officer at Wana for four years and has over 12 years of experience in the cannabis industry, will take her place. Despite her departure from the CEO role, Whiteman will continue serving as a board member for Canopy USA, Wana Brands, Jetty Extracts, and Acreage Holdings.

Whiteman has expressed confidence in Hodas and the rest of the Wana leadership team to continue the company’s rapid growth. She also expressed excitement about boosting their impact through various philanthropic efforts. Hodas believes that he is equipped for his new role after working closely with Whiteman and learning from her visionary leadership style over the past several years.

The Rise of Wana Brands

Founded in 2010, Wana Brands has become a powerhouse in the cannabis edibles industry. The company is known for producing high-quality cannabis products with consistent doses. Its portfolio includes The Cima Group, Mountain High Products, and Wana Wellness brands.

Under Whiteman’s guidance, Wana Brands saw exponential growth, expanding its presence across multiple states in the United States and distributing internationally in Canada and Australia. The brand’s success can be attributed largely to its commitment to innovation, with product offerings ranging from gummies to fast-acting tinctures.

A Philanthropic Mission for the Former CEO

Rather than stepping out of the industry altogether, Nancy Whiteman plans on using her resources to give back to the community. As the company has grown, so has its dedication to philanthropy, supporting causes such as sustainability efforts, social equity, and more.

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Whiteman’s future will involve harnessing the power of cannabis to create positive change. By working closely with non-profit organizations and aligning corporate interests with philanthropic goals, she hopes to have a long-lasting impact on the world beyond the cannabis industry.

The Future of Wana Brands Under Joe Hodas

With his in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of cannabis marketing and close relationship with Nancy Whiteman, Joe Hodas is prepped to lead Wana through this new phase. His focus will likely center on maintaining the brand’s hard-earned reputation and continuing to foster expansion into new markets.

Though it currently serves several international locations, there is ample room for growth as more countries loosen restrictions around legal cannabis use and sales. As these opportunities arise, Wana Brands must stay ahead of the curve by adapting its product lineup to cater to different preferences and regulations across various regions.

An Exciting Future for Wana Brands and Nancy Whiteman

With a strong foundation built by Nancy Whiteman and talented individuals like Joe Hodas now stepping up to the helm, Wana Brands is well-positioned to continue its success in the booming cannabis space. At the same time, Whiteman’s dedication to philanthropic work promises positive change not just within the industry but beyond it as well.

In this exciting new era for both Wana Brands and its former CEO, there is undoubtedly much to look forward to as they seize opportunities for growth and give back in equal measure.

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Rita Ferreira

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