New Orleans Police Battle Rats Consuming Evidence Room Cannabis

Superintendent Kirkpatrick reported to the Criminal Justice Committee that rats in the New Orleans Police Department are consuming cannabis, stating, "They're all high."

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New Orleans Police Department
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The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) headquarters has been grappling with numerous cleanliness and maintenance concerns, such as plumbing issues, mold, and infestations.

The situation has become so dire that at a recent New Orleans City Council hearing, Police Department Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick reported that rodents are now consuming drugs stored in the department’s evidence room.

Although it is uncertain whether these rats face any psychoactive impact, the overall deteriorated state of the police headquarters has raised significant alarm among employees and local officials.

Rodents Feasting on Confiscated Drugs

During the hearing, Superintendent Kirkpatrick told the council’s Criminal Justice Committee, “The rats are eating our marijuana. They’re all high.” While the type of cannabis products consumed by the rodents remains unclear, it is unlikely that ingesting raw marijuana would produce any notable effect on them due to its low THC content. On the other hand, edibles, tinctures, and concentrates containing active THC could potentially induce an altered state in the rats.

Regardless of the potential danger posed by intoxicated rodents, the true concern lies within the unsanitary conditions of the NOPD headquarters. Kirkpatrick highlighted the presence of rat droppings on employee desks, stressing the importance of providing suitable working environments to show appreciation and value for staff members. With problems extending beyond the police headquarters, she further added, “The uncleanliness is off the charts.”

Seeking Alternatives to Overcome Structural Challenges

Officials have begun exploring options to relocate the headquarters to another building, considering the estimated $30 million required to fix the current facility. Those willing to pledge a minimum of $25/month can access interactive maps, charts, and a hearing calendar to stay updated on any progress in this matter. Moreover, these issues come amid cannabis decriminalization legislation signed into law by the governor in 2021, which stipulates a $100 fine for possession of up to 14 grams. Broader reform efforts, however, have not yet succeeded.

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Impact on Employee Morale

According to Superintendent Kirkpatrick, working within such disturbing conditions has had a negative impact on the overall morale of employees within the NOPD. It is imperative to address this issue to ensure that staff members feel valued and respected by granting them acceptable surroundings to carry out their duties effectively. As the local government tackles the challenge of addressing the unsanitary state of the police headquarters, they must also consider the crucial role it plays in employee well-being.

A Call for Timely Action

The New Orleans Police Department’s headquarters is a critical point of operations in the city’s law enforcement mechanisms. With employees tasked with ensuring public safety and maintaining order, it is vital that they feel supported through comfortable and clean work environments. As authorities step up to tackle the crisis, timely action must be taken to rectify the rampant maintenance and sanitation issues. Otherwise, the compromised facilities may continue to plague the NOPD, diminishing employee morale and affecting overall output.

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