New Partnership Between Goodness Growth and Ace Ventures

Goodness Growth has partnered with Ace Ventures, launching the collaboration with a $2.5 million loan to VireoNY and planning further investment and managerial involvement in expanding their joint cannabis operations in New York.

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New Partnership Between Goodness Growth and Ace Ventures

New York-based company Goodness Growth has formed a significant partnership with Ace Ventures, LLC, a minority-owned business led by TV and film producer Steven Acevedo. The collaboration kicks off with Goodness Growth extending a $2.5 million unsecured loan to VireoNY.

Details of the Collaboration

The partnership extends beyond financial transactions. Goodness Growth will provide managerial support and ensure compliance, earning a 15% share of the net profits. Additionally, Ace Ventures plans to invest $20 million to expand their joint operations and aims to purchase a cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facility in Johnstown within two years.

Addressing Financial Compliance

Josh Rosen, the interim CEO of Goodness Growth, has acknowledged challenges in meeting the terms of their current credit agreement. Discussions are ongoing with their lender, Chicago Atlantic, to renegotiate terms and continue their operations in New York.

Strategic Implications for the Cannabis Market

This partnership is poised to enhance both companies’ standing in the competitive New York cannabis market. By pooling their resources and expertise, Goodness Growth and Ace Ventures aim to increase their market share and drive innovation within the industry.

Benefits of the Joint Venture

The collaboration is expected to diversify revenue streams and enhance the financial stability and sustainability of both businesses. It could also lead to the development of new products and methods, potentially revolutionizing the cannabis sector.

The Current Landscape and Future of New York’s Cannabis Market

New York continues to progress in its cannabis regulations and licensing, further establishing itself as a vibrant center for cannabis-related businesses. This partnership between Goodness Growth and Ace Ventures reinforces this growth trajectory, promising to spur further innovation and investment in the state’s cannabis industry.

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A Promising Outlook

The partnership between Goodness Growth and Ace Ventures marks a pivotal development in the New York cannabis market. By leveraging their unique strengths and shared commitment, both companies are well-positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities, drive innovation, and shape the future of the cannabis industry.

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Rita Ferreira

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