Organigram Amplifies U.S. Cannabis Presence with Strategic Investment in Open Book Extracts

Organigram Holdings has invested $2 million in Open Book Extracts as part of its expansion strategy into new markets, financed by BAT's contribution to their Jupiter fund.

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Organigram Holdings, a prominent Canadian cannabis company, has recently invested $2 million in Open Book Extracts, a North Carolina-based firm specializing in cannabis products. This investment, part of Organigram’s bigger plan to break into new cannabis markets in the USA and other countries, follows an influx of cash they received from British American Tobacco (BAT) last year.

BAT’s contribution primarily funded “Jupiter,” a special fund set up by Organigram to finance their expansion. Paolo De Luca, Organigram’s Chief Strategy Officer, expressed great enthusiasm about their first Jupiter investment in Open Book Extracts, a company they’ve been interested in for a while. This unique investment is a convertible note, meaning Organigram now owns a part of Open Book Extracts.

Expanding Organigram’s presence in the U.S. market

Open Book Extracts is in a prime position in the growing U.S. cannabis market. This gives Organigram a valuable chance to make its mark in this area, which is increasingly seeking out cannabis products. This move aligns with Jupiter’s goal to help Organigram grow by entering these new, flourishing markets.

Organigram and Open Book Extracts aren’t just focusing on financial investments. They’re looking at teaming up for research and development, too. This could include testing product effectiveness, creating new technologies, and exploring new ways to make cannabis products, which will strengthen their partnership as the industry evolves.

Underwriting agreement with ATB Securities

Organigram is also working on raising more funds. They’ve made a deal with ATB Securities, which will act as the main seller in a new financing venture. ATB Securities plans to sell about 7.74 million Organigram units at CA$3.23 each. The total amount raised from this isn’t public yet.

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Corporate synergies driving innovation

By working together in research and development, Organigram and Open Book Extracts can combine their strengths to invent new products and technologies that meet the changing needs of the cannabis industry. This partnership is an excellent chance for both to use each other’s resources and knowledge to stay ahead in the market.

Looking ahead: Organigram’s growth strategy

Organigram is keen on growing its business, especially in critical areas like the U.S. Its investments, like the one in Open Book Extracts, show that it’s ready to seize new opportunities and grow long-term.

As global rules on cannabis use and growth become more relaxed, the world cannabis market is set to explode in size. Organigram’s investment in Open Book Extracts is a big step for them and shows what’s possible when companies from different countries work together in this growing industry.

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Rita Ferreira

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