Pure Jamaican and Seven Ten Limited Spearhead International Expansion

Pure Jamaican, in collaboration with Seven Ten Limited, is pioneering the legal export of its unique THC and CBD pharmaceutical products to key international markets like the U.S. and Brazil, significantly enhancing Jamaica's role in the global cannabis industry.

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Pure Jamaican and Seven Ten Limited Spearhead International Expansion

To solidify its role in the global market, Pure Jamaican has launched an innovative program to export its unique pharmaceutical products, which include THC derived from cannabis and CBD from hemp, as well as other cannabinoid compounds. This venture is set to benefit major markets such as the USA and Brazil, putting Jamaica in a leading position in the dynamic worldwide cannabis sector.

A Solid Partnership

This venture represents a significant collaboration between Pure Jamaican and Seven Ten Limited. With the authorization from Jamaica’s Ministry of Health & Wellness given to Seven-10 Pharmaceuticals, these entities are working together to bring THC-containing medical cannabis products from Pure Jamaican to the American market. This effort, approved by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), not only expands Jamaica’s presence in the global cannabis arena but also highlights the significant potential of joint ventures in enhancing the country’s standing.

Looking towards the future, Seven-10 is poised to apply for DEA permits to export Pure Jamaican’s THC pharmaceuticals to the US once there’s a shift in the DEA’s classification of THC. This change is anticipated to spark more international partnerships and business opportunities, further cementing Jamaica’s role in the burgeoning medical cannabis industry.

The Process So Far

Currently, Seven-10 has already started shipping THC and cannabinoid-infused pharmaceutical tinctures under Pure Jamaican’s Botanicos™ brand directly to Brazilian patients. This success is a testament to the efforts of JAMPRO, Jamaica’s trade and investment promotion agency, in supporting the local medicinal cannabis industry and its role in fostering export growth.

Furthermore, Pure Jamaican is not just focused on cannabis; they’re also exporting a variety of other botanicals, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Their aim is to leverage the vast potential of Jamaica’s diverse plant life, offering not just cannabis-based products but also a broad spectrum of plant-based ingredients globally, thereby reinforcing Jamaica’s position in international markets.

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About Pure Jamaican & Seven Ten Limited

This group has been established to showcase Jamaican cannabis and other botanicals on the world stage. They bring expertise and innovative practices in creating pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and APIs. Their pioneering work has expanded Jamaica’s global reach and influence, setting an exemplary standard for future projects in this burgeoning field.

Jamaica’s cannabis industry is poised for growth, as evidenced by Pure Jamaican’s successful export of its proprietary pharmaceutical products, which include both THC from cannabis and CBD from hemp, to key global markets. This achievement highlights the untapped potential of Jamaica’s cannabis sector, as local companies continue to extend their influence in important markets like the United States and Brazil.

The accomplishments of Pure Jamaican and Seven Ten Limited demonstrate that with focused efforts, strategic collaborations, and support from local government bodies like JAMPRO, Jamaica can make a significant impact in the competitive international market. This advancement in the export of medicinal cannabis and botanicals is set to enhance Jamaica’s worldwide presence, ushering in a period of sustained growth and innovation for the country.

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Rita Ferreira

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