Switzerland’s Groundbreaking Study to Unravel the Effects of Cannabis on Public Health and Society

The Swiss study aims to assess cannabis's societal and public safety impact, assist high-risk individuals with mental health support, and ensure product safety through strict adherence to organic standards and natural cultivation methods.

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Switzerland to launch extensive cannabis pilot study in Basel-Landschaft

The Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction, in collaboration with European cannabis company Sanity Group, has received final approval from the Federal Office of Public Health to launch an extensive cannabis pilot study in Basel-Landschaft. This comes after obtaining prior approval from the Ethics Committee Northwest and Central Switzerland last year. The study aims to examine the regulated sale of cannabis products for non-medical purposes, targeting up to 3,950 healthy adults residing in the canton of Basel-Landschaft.

A Three-Phased Approach Leading to Legally Obtainable Cannabis

To participate in the study, potential participants will first have to attend an information event explaining the purpose and details of the trial, as well as how to handle cannabis responsibly. Following this, they will undergo a medical aptitude test and complete an online entry survey. Upon successful acceptance into the study, participants will receive a participation card that allows them to legally purchase cannabis at designated points of sale for a limited time. Throughout the study, consumption behavior data and feedback on physical and mental health will be collected every three to six months via surveys.

Analyzing Societal Impact and Providing Support to High-Risk Users

Beyond exploring the regulated sale of cannabis, the study also seeks to evaluate the societal effects of its consumption, with a focus on public safety and order. Key stakeholders like the public prosecutor’s office will collaborate in this analysis. Moreover, researchers aim to establish whether more accessible and appropriate support can be provided to high-risk users with mental health issues, allowing them to be referred to suitable care centers.

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Strict Quality Standards: Ensuring Pollutant-Free Cannabis Products

All cannabis products used in this pilot study will be produced according to the quality requirements defined by BetmPV (Swiss Federal Act on Narcotics) and stringent organic guidelines in Switzerland. The cultivation partner for the project, SwissExtract, guarantees the exclusive use of natural substances during the production process, thereby ensuring pollutant-free end products.

Sanity Group: Spearheading This Ambitious Project in Collaboration with National Authorities

Finn Hänsel, CEO of Sanity Group, expressed satisfaction over getting approval for the study in Baselland and emphasized their strong commitment to contributing to societal acceptance and knowledge sharing on sustainable cannabis usage. Founded in 2018, Berlin-based Sanity Group is a leading European cannabinoid company focused on mental health and pain management solutions using cannabis. With a broad range of pharmaceuticals, medical load applications, and self-care products, Sanity Group has been working alongside regional and national authorities to bring forward this ambitious research project.

A Leap Forward in Understanding Cannabis and its Impact on Society

The growing interest in non-medical cannabis use underscores the importance of conducting comprehensive and responsibly designed research efforts like the pilot study initiated by the Swiss Research Institute for Public Health and Addiction and Sanity Group. By examining critical aspects such as public safety and support for high-risk users, this groundbreaking investigation stands poised to significantly contribute to a more nuanced understanding of cannabis consumption’s effects on individual and societal levels.

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