Tilray Achieves Noteworthy Sales and Settles Legal Discord

Tilray Brands reveals a positive Q1 financial growth, boosted by strong sales in its cannabis and beverage alcohol sectors, and solidifies its future by amicably resolving a legal dispute with MediPharm, fostering a strengthened long-term supply relationship.

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Tilray Brands
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Canadian cannabis entity Tilray Brands reveals a decreased loss of $56 million in Q1, propelled by unparalleled sales totaling $177 million. The firm observed a 15% revenue surge compared to last year’s corresponding period, attributable to vigorous cannabis sales. Now, Tilray proudly claims a fortified recreational marijuana market share, standing at 13.4%, asserting its industry leadership.

The quarter’s adjusted EBITDA reached $11.4 million, and the firm reaffirmed its adjusted EBITDA projection of $68 million-$78 million for the fiscal year concluding on May 31, 2024.

Ongoing Growth Evident in Revenue Breakdown

A 20% revenue augmentation to $70.3 million was witnessed in Tilray’s cannabis sector, while its alcoholic beverage business yielded $24.2 million in revenue, marking a 17% uptick from the preceding year. Conversely, Tilray’s wellness business experienced a slight 1% downturn to $13.5 million year-over-year.

Although gross cannabis revenue across varied market channels mildly descended to $6.1 million in the June-August quarter (from $6.5 million year-over-year), international cannabis revenue increased substantially, spiking by 37% to $14.3 million in the quarter ending August 31st.

Tilray amicably resolved a contention with MediPharm Labs, originating from a 2020 dispute between MediPharm and Hexo Corp., which Tilray procured earlier this year.

MediPharm initiated legal action against Hexo at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice concerning a cannabis concentrates supply contract. Post-acquisition of Hexo by Tilray, concerted efforts by both entities led to dispute resolution and formulation of a durable supply connection.

MediPharm Acquires Compensation to Augment Growth Paths

In the resolution, MediPharm is poised to procure a total value consideration of CA$9 million, entailing an immediate cash payout of CA$3 million and a four-year supply contract valued at CA$6 million. This accord not only bolsters MediPharm’s financial position but also endows them with the capability to channel investments into growth vistas. Notably, Tilray’s shares are listed as TLRY on the Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchange.

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Tilray Brands’ initial quarter financial outcomes showcase its sturdy growth path, underscored by potent sales figures and an enhanced market share in the recreational marijuana niche, bolstered by encouraging international cannabis revenue. Furthermore, the beverage alcohol sector also exhibited noteworthy performance, continuing to be a stable revenue source.

The triumphant settlement of the legal tussle with MediPharm inaugurates a reinvigorated, long-lasting supply rapport between both companies, catalyzing enhanced collaboration and future partnerships. This unfolding presents an optimistic future for both entities, especially MediPharm, now equipped to redirect its resources towards further expansion opportunities.

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