What Happened with Dutchie’s POS System on Cannabis’ Biggest Sales Day

On April 20th, a significant system outage from Dutchie's POS disrupted sales during the cannabis industry’s most critical sales day, leading to widespread frustration among retailers and customers.

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Dutchie's System Crash on 420 What Happened with the POS System on Cannabis' Biggest Sales Day

April 20th, commonly referred to as 4/20, is not just another day on the calendar for the cannabis industry—it’s the biggest sales day of the year. This year, however, many retailers faced a significant hiccup: a system crash of Dutchie’s Point-of-Sale (POS) system. The outage occurred during critical peak hours, severely disrupting operations at a time when stores were expecting maximum traffic.

The crash was first reported in the early hours, just as sales were ramping up. It persisted intermittently across various geographic regions, most notably in major cannabis markets like California and Colorado. The outage lasted for several hours, leading to considerable financial losses. 

Retailers reported system lockouts, inability to process transactions, and significant delays. For example, a popular Denver dispensary experienced a system downtime for almost three hours, resulting in long lines and unhappy customers. The outage not only impacted in-store sales but also online orders, which have become increasingly significant due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Retailers’ Reactions and Customer Frustrations: Stories from the Frontline

The immediate fallout from the system crash was palpable across the cannabis retail spectrum. Retailers expressed frustration and dismay, as many had invested heavily in 4/20 promotions and stock. “It was chaos; lines out the door with no way to process sales quickly as we usually would,” recounted the operations manager at a bustling San Francisco dispensary. “Our staff did what they could manually, but it was not the day we had planned for.”

Customers were equally affected, with many leaving stores empty-handed after waiting in lines for hours. Social media platforms were flooded with complaints about specific dispensaries, not realizing that the problem was with Dutchie’s POS system. The outage served as a significant inconvenience on a day that many consumers look forward to all year.

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Looking Forward: Measures and Reforms to Prevent Future Outages

Moving forward, industry experts suggest several technological and regulatory reforms to prevent such outages. “Investing in cloud scalability, redundant systems, and advanced load testing are crucial steps,” explained a tech consultant specializing in cannabis retail systems. Moreover, some suggest that there should be industry-wide standards and regulatory oversight to ensure technological reliability in cannabis retail, much like in other critical retail sectors.

Legislative action might also be on the horizon, with talks of ensuring better operational standards for technology providers in the cannabis industry. Such measures would aim to safeguard the market against future technological failures that could harm consumer confidence and retailer operations.


The system crash of Dutchie’s POS on 4/20 has brought to light the vulnerabilities in the cannabis retail industry’s technological infrastructure. While the immediate impacts were significant, the incident has sparked a broader discussion on the need for technological resilience and regulatory reforms. 

As the cannabis market continues to expand, the reliability of such essential services will become increasingly crucial. This event has underscored the need for continued investment in technology and regulatory measures to ensure that future 4/20 celebrations are not only successful but uninterrupted.

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Rita Ferreira

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