Zen Leaf Workers in Chicago’s Rogers Park Unionize with Teamsters Local 777

The Rogers Park location of Zen Leaf, a Verano subsidiary, becomes the third to join Teamsters Local 777, aiming for greater success and improved care and respect for its members through unionization.

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The Zen Leaf cannabis workforce in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood has voted decisively to join the Teamsters Local 777 union. This move demonstrates the employees’ dedication, hard work, and solidarity, all elements that are vital for the growth of the city’s cannabis industry.

Local 777 Welcomes Zen Leaf Members

Jim Glimco, President of Local 777, expressed his appreciation for the commitment shown by the Zen Leaf workers, stating that they contribute significantly to Chicago’s thriving marijuana sector. He commended their decision to join a union as a sign of unity.

Meanwhile, Peter Finn, Teamsters Western Region International Vice President and Director of the Food Processing Division, hailed this development as an ongoing strategy to bring more middle-class careers to multi-state cannabis operators across America.

Third Verano Subsidiary to Join Local 777

Zen Leaf is a subsidiary of Verano, with the Rogers Park location being the third establishment under the parent company to join Local 777. Mark Augustinas-Metz, a wellness advisor at Zen Leaf Rogers Park, explained that forming a union with the Teamsters will result in increased success, ultimately benefiting from better care and respect for its members.

A Legacy of Representing Workers since 1937

Established in 1937, Teamsters Local 777 has been representing employees across various industries throughout the Chicago area. By joining forces with this influential union, cannabis professionals at Zen Leaf will have access to extensive resources, which can help secure improved working conditions and increased overall support.

Bolstering the Chicago Cannabis Sector

This move by Zen Leaf workers is an important step forward for both employee rights and the broader cannabis industry in Chicago. Their willingness to unionize paves the way for legalized marijuana businesses throughout the city to potentially establish partnerships with labor organizations like Teamsters Local 777.

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As more workers join together to support each other and advocate collectively for better conditions within the industry, cannabis companies can continue to grow and prosper, offering stable employment opportunities for many middle-class Chicago residents.

Fighting for Better Working Conditions

One of the key reasons behind Zen Leaf employees’ decision to join Local 777 was to secure improved working conditions. The staff at Zen Leaf wanted to ensure they were treated fairly and respectfully, which makes a world of difference when it comes to maintaining a productive and successful working environment.

With the strength of the Teamsters union behind them, Zen Leaf professionals will be better equipped to negotiate with management and fight for favorable terms related to workplace safety, wages, hours, and benefits.

An Indication for the Future Cannabis Industry

The recent vote by Zen Leaf employees to join Teamsters Local 777 is a positive indication of the future legitimacy, stability, and growth of America’s burgeoning cannabis industry. Labor unions have historically played pivotal roles in supporting workers and ensuring fair treatment and equitable working conditions.

In an industry that has experienced rapid growth in recent years, it sends a clear message to those considering careers within this emerging sector: Cannabis companies acknowledge the importance of employee welfare, financial security, and overall satisfaction. Joining together within unions only serves to strengthen their negotiating power and increase prosperity for all involved.

Rita Ferreira

Rita Ferreira

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