CBD Dosage: A Guide to Know How Much CBD You Should Take

To harness CBD's full potential safely, it's essential to start with the right dosage and make informed adjustments over time.

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CBD dosage how much you should take

While on the one hand, CBD continues to provide several benefits to us, there are also some limitations that make it controversial to use. If you’re using CBD it’s important to know the dosage that won’t cause any harm or negative reactions. Neglecting this could have consequences in the future.

Why CBD Dosage Matters

Now, for anyone who has been using CBD for quite a while, it is natural to ask ‘Why does it matter how much CBD dosage I am taking when it causes me no harm?’ or ‘How much is too much, really?’

Generally, people do not care too much about the maximum dose of CBD. But, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is advised and recommended that CBD should be always used in moderation. [1] The excess of anything is never good for your whole body and it will not be long until you start experiencing the side effects from CBD usage.

This could be understood easily by the fact that if you need CBD for sleep, you would need it in more quantity than you used to for anxiety relief. Similarly, there are different requirements of CBD dosage for each of its particular use. You may not always require the same amount of CBD oil as you do with CBD lotion.

Simply using it without any proper limits would cause severe consequences and side effects to develop in your body, which might be difficult to deal with. It is also not always possible to reverse or reduce these side effects especially when they get out of hands, so better be safe than sorry!

Your body could perceive it as a potential overdosage and thereby, get into a fight-or-flight state to eliminate the actions of CBD by toning them down. When this happens, it might become difficult to stop or reverse the damage from taking place.

Factors Influencing CBD Dosage

There are many factors that could disrupt the CBD dosage that a person consumes or takes at a given time.

Due to these disruptions, it might be not possible for the consumed amount of CBD to impact the body and them the way it is supposed to.

However, for everyone’s convenience, here is a list of the factors that influence the absorption or CBD dosage once it has been taken by the person:

  • Body Weight:

Body weight is undoubtedly one of the important factors ruling the dosage of CBD. The heavier a person is, the more dose they require for CBD to experience its effects. [2]

This is because the amount of CBD taken needs to be distributed equally among the body cavity and for this, every person’s individual body weight needs to be kept in consideration.

  • Potency:

The CBD dosage of a particular product also depends upon how potent it is. Products that have a high potency of CBD mean that they are more concentrated in their form, and hence would have stronger effects on a person. For such products, a low dose might be required. [3]

Similarly, products that are weaker in concentration might require an additional dose of CBD to enhance their effects.

  • Absorption:

CBD Dosage is also dependent upon how much CBD actually gets absorbed from the product used. In humans and animals, there are different rates of absorption, and hence, the amount required by either of them is different for making the most of their required uses. [4]

Current Recommendations and Studies About CBD Dosage

As always, it is very important to look towards research and expert’s opinions regarding the appropriate CBD dosage to clear any doubts.

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Relying on established studies and the insights of experts in the field can provide valuable guidance, preventing the potential pitfalls of uninformed self-administration. By seeking credible information, individuals can make informed decisions and tailor their CBD usage to suit their needs without risking adverse consequences.

This also holds significance because when individuals lack awareness of these factors, they often gravitate towards escalating CBD consumption in a bid to maximize its advantages. Consequently, an adverse bodily reaction to these side effects is typical, leading to the rapid onset of a cascade of unwanted effects.

While a handful of studies have explored CBD dosage, they have demonstrated myriad advantages of using CBD within safe parameters. Nonetheless, it is unwise for anyone to indiscriminately adopt CBD as a panacea for all their concerns and distresses. [5]

Research also indicates that individuals employing a consistent daily CBD dosage to address diagnosed disorders may observe improvements within just two weeks. The recommended range lies between 20 to 250 mg/day. [6]

In several studies, it was observed that newcomers could initiate CBD consumption at around 5 mg/kg of their body weight per day, gradually augmenting the dosage to a maximum of 200 mg/day. This range was established as both safe and efficacious, devoid of associated side effects. [7] This is the much–referred dosage regime for CBD, and the majority of the people usually stay within this range.

Calculating Your CBD Dosage

If the world of CBD and its products is new to you, feeling perplexed about dosages and the entire process is completely normal. Also, it is always better to ask about anything that makes you confused. This way, you would at least know what to do instead of taking any wrong step.

Should your physician have prescribed a CBD product, they would also furnish the appropriate usage instructions, eliminating any dosage concerns. [8] When a physician adjusts your dose, there is little to worry about; you are safe to proceed with the required dosage.

However, if you’re interested in understanding how to determine your ideal CBD dosage independently, you’ve come to the right resource.

Despite the availability of numerous online CBD dosage calculators to simplify the task, certain individuals prefer the satisfaction of personally navigating the intricacies.

So, an easy way to calculate the amount of CBD dosage that you need is best if you divide the doses of CBD strength-wise, such that:

  • Low Strength: 1 mg of CBD per 10 pounds
  • Medium Strength: 3 mg of CBD per 10 pounds
  • High Strength: 6 mg of CBD per 10 pounds

Using this method, you will be very easily able to calculate the amount of CBD dosage that you need, at your convenience.

However, it is important to realize that for people who are new to using CBD, only a low dose would work better in the beginning. Then, you may increase it once you feel it is suiting you or you need to enhance the effects as well.

To Sum Up

To conclude, CBD is indeed a very beneficial product for everyone out there. The limitless advantages that it offers can benefit nearly everyone. However, due to its popular association with substance abuse, which still persists in certain states, it is advisable to exercise caution when using CBD.

It is both wise and careful of individuals to monitor their CBD usage. This is crucial because unchecked usage of CBD may entail various risks and potential side effects. Starting with a safe CBD dosage is recommended. This approach enables your body to get used to it gradually.

As you become more familiar with its effects, you can progressively adjust the dosage, taking into account factors like body weight, tolerance, potency, and other relevant considerations. This systematic approach ensures the optimal utilization of this valuable product.

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It also allows you to make the most of your desired benefit by recalculating and readjusting your dosage according to the amount needed to experience that benefit.


Is There A Universal CBD Dosage For Everyone?

Although there is no universal or set dose for every single individual out there, there have been safety recommendations published that state that a person should not exceed 100 mg of CBD in a day. Any dose that exceeds this amount could lead to a possible overdose or adverse events.

How Do I Calculate The Dosage If I Am Using CBD Oil?

Note the amount of CBD contained in that particular oil vial. Divide this amount of CBD by the total volume of the vial to get the efficacy of CBD oil. Then, you can easily use the required dosage of CBD oil because now you would know how much CBD dosage is present.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Taking Too Much CBD?

Although negligible, there has been some evidence on the fact that consuming too much CBD could be harmful. It is acceptable because the excess of anything is never good.
Using CBD over the limits could cause several side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, reduced blood pressure, and extremely heightened senses. These side effects could be very harmful for anyone.

Can I Take CBD With Other Medications?

In case you are using CBD along with some other medications, it is best to avoid doing so. The reason for this could be possible interactions with other drugs. CBD or your drug, could cause alteration or interference with each other’s mechanism of action. Thus, it is better to steer away from this possible disaster.


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