Nabis Warehouse Employees Join Teamsters to Strengthen Cannabis Industry

Nabis warehouse workers nearly unanimously voted to join Teamsters Local 630, aligning the decision with April 20th to emphasize the importance of worker rights in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

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As the cannabis sector rapidly expands, workers are actively seeking more stability and support. In a recent development, Nabis warehouse staff in California chose to join the Teamsters Union, highlighting a broader pattern of cannabis workers affiliating with this powerful labor union.

Collective Bargaining Gains Momentum at Nabis

Workers at the Nabis warehouse almost unanimously decided to join forces with Teamsters Local 630. Lou Villalvazo, the Secretary-Treasurer of Local 630 in Los Angeles, committed to promoting stability within the fast-growing cannabis industry.

April 20th Election: A Significant Date for Cannabis Advocacy

The decision to unionize was notably set on April 20th, a date celebrated worldwide in cannabis culture. This strategic timing acts as a meaningful nod to the importance of workers’ rights within the cannabis sector.

Growing Trend of Unionization in Cannabis

Peter Finn, Western Region International Vice President and Director of the Food Processing Division for the Teamsters, noted that the rapid rate at which cannabis workers are unionizing stems from the union’s history of securing strong contracts and victories for its members.

View from the Inside

Jonathan Misquez, a warehouse associate at Nabis and now an organizer, advocates for his and his colleagues’ rights, praising the communal support they offer each other, which has been crucial in negotiating a contract that mirrors their consistent effort and commitment.

Expanding Influence of Teamsters Local 630

Since its establishment in 1937, Teamsters Local 630 has represented a wide range of workers from different sectors including clerical, warehouse, driving professionals, food service, and more. The inclusion of Nabis employees continues to broaden its impact across various industries.

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Looking Ahead

The inclusion of cannabis industry workers within a notable labor union like the Teamsters is set to reshape the dynamics between workers and employers in this quickly evolving industry. As the third group from the cannabis sector to join the Teamsters in a short span, it will be intriguing to see how these growing affiliations affect industry policies and advancements moving forward.

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Rita Ferreira

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