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PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwired – Jan 23, 2015) – Little Goodies, Arizona’s premier source for ultra-premium, medical-grade cannabis flowers and edibles, is pleased to announce that they will be breaking ground on a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Phoenix in early 2015.

Since it was legalized in Arizona in 2010, medical marijuana has helped thousands of patients suffering from debilitating diseases find comfort and solace through natural medicine. Concurrent and ongoing studies have shown that some of the most painful and wasting syndromes respond better to the main active chemicals in cannabis, THC, CBD, and CBN, than they do to conventional prescription drugs.

Some recent studies have even found cancer-fighting properties in CBD that are being further explored as prospective constituents for a potential future treatment. By and far, the medical community is in agreement that medical cannabis is an effective and safer treatment for pain management than conventional prescribed painkillers are.

Since 2010, Little Goodies has been helping the estimated 51,783 qualifying patients (as of December, 2014) in Arizona find the relief they deserve by providing high-quality cannabis flowers and edibles that are in rich in CBDs to Arizonan medical marijuana patients. Little Goodies grows organic cannabis, processes whole flowers and infuses edible products, such as dried fruit, candies, baked goods and merchandise.

CBD Content

All cannabis contains these three common cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN. Each strain has a different ratio of them, and this ratio is what comprises the strain’s “Chem-type.” While most current commercial strains of cannabis have a much higher proportion of THC (15%-25%), and very low proportion of CBD (usually less than 1%), high CBD strains contain an impressive 10%-20% CBD. Little Goodies will offer some whole flowers that contain high CBD amounts, in addition to value added products (edibles, oils, etc.) that also have a high CBD content.

Little Goodies is now constructing a large-scale, state-of-the-art cultivation site that will provide Arizona medical marijuana patients with ultra-premium, connoisseur-grade flowers of unparalleled taste and aroma.

“The quality of the flowers we produce, and the large scale at which we are about to produce them, is what is most unique about the current project, and will revolutionize the Arizona market,” explained, Lee Komer, CEO of Little Goodies. Komer, elaborated further, “Our cannabis is of an entirely different caliber. We are bringing the first truly connoisseur-grade flowers to Arizona’s patients. We maintain our exclusive, top-shelf MMJ products by never cutting corners, and by always providing patients with quality over quantity.”

About Little Goodies

Little Goodies is about a high-quality experience for the Arizonan medical marijuana patient. Little Goodies only uses organic methods and the best ingredients to create cannabis products that not only help to treat medical conditions and soothe symptoms, but also please the senses. Little Goodies provides top-shelf products to quality conscious patients across the state.

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