Source: Marijuana Business Daily

Medical marijuana has taken another step toward mainstream acceptance: It is now being advertised on late-night cable television in multiple states.

Cable operator Comcast will run an advertisement for the medical cannabis company in New Jersey, Massachusetts and greater Chicago during the coming weeks. The ad began running in New Jersey on Monday night and will be rolled out to the other markets next month.

A Comcast spokesperson said the ad will air only between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., and it will not run the commercial on television channels aimed at children. Instead, the ad will air on Comedy Central, The History Channel, Bravo and other mainstream channels. The ad will play 800 times during its first two weeks in New Jersey.

Marijuana ads have run on television before. A Fox affiliate in Sacramento aired medical marijuana advertisements in 2010. And Comcast has even run medical marijuana advertisements in the past, airing commercials for a dispensary in Colorado several years ago.

But this appears to be the first marijuana campaign to be aired simultaneously in major media markets across multiple states. is a company that links medical marijuana patients with doctors in their state who are able to prescribe it. The company charges doctors to belong to the referral network, and its network includes 300 doctors, 500 clinics and 93,000 patients.

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