DigiPath Inc. (OTC: DIGP) is a digital pathology company that operates within the cannabis testing industry after the opening of its Las Vegas laboratory in June. With GreenWave Advisors calling cannabis testing the most attractive subset of the industry, the company is well-positioned to capitalize on an $850 million market opportunity by 2020, with plans to expand within Nevada and into additional states that have legalized marijuana.

In order to promote its new cannabis testing facility, the company began a small media division called The National Marijuana News (TNMNews )– focused on delivering unbiased cannabis news, interviews, and educational content to the general public. The program quickly began increasing in popularity, attracting hundreds of thousands of online listeners and even terrestrial radio stations in Denver, Colorado; Madison, Wisconsin; and other markets nationwide.

DigiPath CEO Todd Denkin recently sat down with CannabisFN’s Mike Elliott to discuss the unexpected growth of TNMNews and where the program is headed from here:

Education is Key

DigiPath believes that education is key when it comes to encouraging legislators to take the actions necessary to protect cannabis users and ensure the industry’s future. As an existing player in the cannabis testing space, the company is uniquely positioned to educate the public through its TNMNews division. Dr. Cindy Orser – Chief Science Officer at DigiPath Labs – has joined a number of high-profile guests in being interviewed on the show.

The company is particularly interested in ensuring the safety of cannabis users, following a number of high profile cases of tainted product. For instance, Oregon Live and the Oregonian recently tested ten popular strains of marijuana concentrates and found that nearly all of them contained pesticides. A total of 14 chemicals were found in eight of the samples, including six that the federal government has classified as carcinogenic – or cancer causing.

While states are starting to realize the scope of the problems associated with safety, there is a lot of work that remains from a policy standpoint. TNMNews aims to educate the public and lawmakers about these issues in order to speed up the process of adopting sensible testing regulations. Effective cannabis testing would produce a pesticide-free product containing the proper levels of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids promised on the label.

Growing Distribution

In the interview with CannabisFN, DigiPath CEO Todd Denkin announced that the company would soon be releasing a new Apple and Android app that enables listeners to tune in directly from their smartphones.

In addition to the new app launch, the company continues to fill its schedule with popular icons within the burgeoning cannabis community. The industry is unique in that it spawned from a movement with passionate individuals eager to share their message. As a result, the program has attracted guests ranging from cannabis advocates like Cheryl Shuman to NFL running back Ricky Williams to policymakers that are instrumental to the movement.

In July alone, TNMNews reached over 130,000 digital listeners with over 120,000 followers on Facebook and other social media websites. The company’s growing reach could make it invaluable to both its own efforts as a cannabis tester, as well as advertisers within the cannabis industry that might be interested in reaching a targeted audience.

Looking Ahead

Investors have a number of different opportunities when it comes to the cannabis industry, including accessory-makers like mCig Inc. (OTC: MCIG) or growing technologies like Terra Tech Inc. (OTC: TRTC), but few have the diversity of DigiPath Inc. (OTC: DIGP). With a combination of cannabis testing and a burgeoning media presence, the company represents a unique play in the space that’s worth a closer look for investors.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.digipath.com or visit CannabisFN’s profile at www.cannabisfn.com/mdcs/digipath-inc.

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